“I fought much better than Canelo”: De La Hoya confirms intention to fight with Saúl

Yo peleé mucho mejor que Canelo: De la Hoya confirma intención de pelear con Saúl

Oscar de la hoya took advantage of the conference of his next fight against Vitor Belfort, to have again about Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and assured that he was a better fighter than the current Mexican champion.

From the pot He insists that he does not close the door to a fight with him Canelo.

“In the broad spectrum of things, it can happen, why not?” From the pot to Fight Hub about a fight with Saul. “He (Canelo) is the best there is. And I have fought with the best. In fact, I have fought much better than him (Canelo) “.

Even, From the pot He is convinced that in his time, he had a better level of rivals, than those that he has until today. Canelo.

“Yes, today is the best,” he says. From the pot about Canelo. “But in the past, the best fighter was much better, and I have fought everyone. So the fact that something can lead to me and the Canelo (to fight) I would say, why not? ”.

Golden boy He assured that in all his fights there was always great entertainment and that he has never hidden from anyone.

“If people want to see me knocked out, watch the fight,” he said. From the pot

. “And if you think I can beat him, watch the fight. I’ve never been in a boring fight. I’ve never dodged anyone, and I’ve never been there (above the ring) and only throw three punches per round. I’ve always been an exciting guy, and you just choose what you want to see, something boring or something exciting. That’s it”.

Oscar ensures that the only thing that the Canelo, is power.

“(Canelo) it is only punching power ”, he pointed out From the pot. “And the punching power, I can take it. Speed ​​like that of Pacquiao it’s a completely different story. But for punching power, I have a good jaw ”.

Oscar de la Hoya’s plan to face Canelo

From the pot said his goal for next year is to fight twice, and that he plans to get in the ring on May 5, 2022 to face Floyd mayweather or Saul Canelo Alvarez.

“The plan is to do a fight in September and do another in November. Then on May 5, 2022 challenge the best boxer in the world who is Mayweather and if he doesn’t want to give me revenge, challenge the Canelo Alvarez”, Argued for ESPN.

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