José Letelier: “There is technology, but it would be unfortunate if the goal was valid”

José Letelier: "There is technology, but it would be unfortunate if the goal was valid"

Reactions continue for the controversial move that could have been a goal for the Chilean women’s team in the 1-0 defeat against Japan, which cost the national squad elimination in their historic participation in the Tokyo Olympics.

If someone was missing that referred to the action, it was the Red coach, José Letelier, who said: “It is very difficult from the position where we were to determine whether or not it was a goal. There is technology and it has to be forceful. If it is the other way around, it would be unfortunate.”

Regarding what has been done by his directors, the DT said: “As long as this level of preparation and competition is maintained, better performances and challenges will be achieved. For a country that is developing, it is not easy to compete against world powers, the results are most likely not as desired, but we are proud of those who represented the country. I think they were looking for their best feelings, to perform in better form, but we still have some steps to go “.

“In terms of results, it’s not good. We do believe that the national team is progressing every time. For that to be tangible we have to start getting better results. However, Each player showed growth, they always deliver their best, they are honest in what they do. They have understood that to be in high competition you have to be prepared, it is a great job of them. It is important that the national team keep their competitions on FIFA dates. It does not end with the Olympics, it must be reinforced with international competitions, “he added.

Finally, Letelier made a call to the Chilean soccer clubs: “In development we are in the right place, there is a lack of training, to generate instances so that the smallest who have the desire to be players, open the instances to them and understand that to reach a high level and to remain there has to be that “.

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