Moroni on the Bronze of Pumas 7's: "What they did was crazy"

The joy and happiness for obtaining the Bronze medal by Los Pumas 7’s was extended to all rugby lovers and especially to those who enjoy that sport on a day-to-day basis. Among them is Matías Moroni, current back of the selected XV and who also had a stint in the reduced play team with whom he played the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In a conversation with Scrum, the center highlighted the value and effort made by the group to reach the podium.

“What they did It was crazy. But it stops being crazy when you saw all the previous work they did. They went to play tournaments anywhere and since the pandemic passed they began to show with results on the court that they were for serious things, that they had a tremendous group, “Moroni stressed and added:” They were all on the same page and what they did at the Games it was amazing. “

But what Tute highlighted the most was the game with South Africa, that feat that the team performed to win with a minor player due to the expulsion of Gastón Revol in the first half: impossible. There must not have been such a thing in the entire history of Seven and they were able to carry it out, so yes or yes they had to be given a medal. And luckily they were able to give it to themselves and to all of Argentina, so eternally grateful to them, to all the staff, to all the players, “he stressed.

Finally, he highlighted what the achievement means for the squad: “The happiest are they and the protagonists are them. Incredible, the oldest as they led the youngest and then the madness of the youngest of the things they did, without matter nothing: how old they are, where they were … the truth was that everything was impressive, crazy “.