Osvaldo Borchi, the coach of Cetraro and Klüver: “The world is made by those who are crazy, thank you for telling me that I’m crazy”

Osvaldo Borchi, the coach of Cetraro and Klüver: "The world is made by those who are crazy, thank you for telling me that I'm crazy"

Osvaldo Borchi spoke publicly after his team, Uruguayan rowers Bruno Cetraro and Felipe Klüver, they will qualify for the grand final double light pair at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In dialogue with the National Sports Secretariat, the Argentine coach commented on the great semifinal held by the celestial duo and highlighted the value of madness.

Borchi pointed out what his indications were for the semi-final regatta, where Uruguay achieved second position, being only surpassed by the German boat: “I told them that they had to be smart, that there was a small window and we planned a super punctual regatta. Before I went out into the water I told them: ‘Enjoy it. Felipe, put a rhythm on it; Bruno, enjoy doing strength. ‘ And everything was excellent ”.

“They got off happy, it seems that there was no force, and logically, with these track conditions, with the waves, those who technically know, do not force, and those who technically do not know, do more. We take full advantage of that because we are used to it, we prepare for a track as bad as this one ”, said the experienced Argentine coach.

Then he underlined and thanked: “But it is a message for everyone, working can achieve things. I want to punctually thank many people who helped us to get there, an Olympic final is the best: I thank life for being here today, the Uruguayan Rowing Federation, the Olympic Committee, the Mexican Rowing Federation, the Spanish Rowing Federation, and so many others who helped us to get here today ”.

Ahead of the final, he commented: “First you have to sit quietly, you have to analyze everything, see what it is like. It will be another difficult windy day, perhaps there will be more wind than there was during the semifinals. We have to think, we will see how we are doing and do our best, that’s all ”.

The coach is recognized for his incredible emphasis on motivating his target, pushing hard and constantly encouraging; he even recounted as if he were working on a radio when Cetraro and Klüver landed in Tokyo to play the Games.

Affectionately called ‘crazy’, Borchi said on Wednesday: “I am still crazy, and I will continue to be. But being crazy we reached the final of the Olympics. Hopefully we can be even crazier, and be able to get out of sixth place forward ”.

“Madness does this, normal people don’t do things, crazy people do things differently. The world is not made by normal people, those who are crazy do it, so thank you for telling me that I am crazy ”, he said happily and thinking about the next regatta.

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