Rodolfo Collazo on Cetraro and Klüver: “They go for the medal, these kids go for everything”

Rodolfo Collazo on Cetraro and Klüver: "They go for the medal, these kids go for everything"

The former Uruguayan rower Rodolfo Collazo analyzed this Wednesday what was achieved by Bruno Cetraro and Felipe Klüver at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where the celestial couple qualified for the final of the double light pair that will be disputed this Wednesday at 9:50 p.m. (Uruguayan time).

Who participated in three Olympic Games (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012) analyzed in the program 100% Sport (Radio Sport 890) the growth that the Uruguayan boat has had and affirmed that “these kids are going to go for an Olympic medal.”

“Taken to football, it is as if Uruguay played the final of the world, it is something similar, because it is already very big to reach the Olympic Games for our countryThen it is impressive to have been able to run an A / B semifinal that represents being within the best 12; and to be among the six best in the world is a feat, entering with the fourth fastest time and coming out second in the semifinal ”, commented Collazo.

The 38-year-old ex-athlete appreciated that other countries “work very well investing millions of euros” and stressed that the celestial boat will be the only one in the final that does not belong to the European continent. Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy and Belgium will be the other five competitors in the final instance.

Collazo emphasized: “This boat has been improving, surpassing and growing. In the repechage they fell behind Canada and Ukraine, and in the semifinal they surpassed them, this Uruguayan boat continues to advance, it is an all-terrain boat because it was proven. When Poland was rowing ahead in the semifinal and could not hold on to the wave, the Uruguayan passed it as if there were no waves, that is trained ”.

“There is a job behind the coach Osvaldo (Borchi), of the chiquilines, and a job by the Uruguayan Rowing Federation and the Uruguayan Olympic Committee so that the gurises could train in the heights of Mexico and in Spain, in adverse weather conditions. Felipe commented that at the time they were protesting because Osvaldo was taking them out to row with choppy water, and it is shown that it is for something, it is all quantified work in the semifinal regatta, “he stressed.

The former athlete analyzed the Uruguayan regatta in the semifinals: “I think they try to go out and not lose contact with the qualifying position, I mean they are going to go in a position where they are not too far behind. Although they were in sixth position and classified three, the classification was less than a pot, that is, they never lose contact of being in that classification, taking into account that the strong of Uruguay is the end, the auction. So that being looking at the boats that go to the side, being in contact with them, leads to wear and tear on the other side ”.

“It is not that they are ‘tailgating’ as they say in cycling, because the lanes are independent, but the wear and tear of sustaining the pressure of going forward is carried by another, not by Uruguay, who is sustaining their rhythm and feels comfortable going there, he does not feel comfortable starting first and looking for the lead, but being fourth, fifth or sixth in the first meters. After the first thousand, Uruguay begins an upward stroke in speed, finishing over the last 400 meters ”, he commented.

Collazo indicated that this great strategy must be added to the adverse weather conditions that were worsening as one was closer to the goal of two thousand meters. In the ‘flattest’ part, the boats that perform the most are those with physical power as the main virtue; On the other hand, Uruguay is a very good boat technically, something that was demonstrated and that contrasted with what Poland or Norway did, bronze medalists in the 2016 Games and that ended up turning in these semifinals in Tokyo.

“The regatta was very well planned and went as expected. Now there is another little window open. Mathematically we are in the fourth best time, we do not enter last and the first three carry a medal, so you have to look for it there. Obviously the rivals are better, Italy, Ireland and Germany seem to be intractable, but in the semi-final, Norway seemed intractable and turned around; you have to show race by race, ”said Collazo, whose participation in the 2008 Beijing Games made Cetraro’s father take an interest in rowing as a possible activity for his son Bruno.

The former rower also highlighted the work of the Argentine coach Osvaldo Borchi: “He is passionate about rowing; although he is a professional in the field, it is provided entirely in a motivational way. He clearly believes in work, that there are no limits, and he also gets angry when things don’t go the way they should. For him, the path is working, training and dedicating himself; he knows that the merit is in the training, and these kids really understood and applied ”.

Collazo appreciated that the working group of the Uruguayan Rowing Team is also made up of more gurises, such as Leandro Rodas or Martín Zócalo, ‘a group of boys who have been training very well with Osvaldo, also thanks to the efforts of the Uruguayan Rowing Federation. , which leads to rowing to be positioned much better in Latin America and not to mention that worldwide. ‘

And he stressed about what has been achieved and the possibility of obtaining a medal: “This is a hit for world rowing. Bruno and Felipe still do not even know what they achieved, they do not have the dimension of what they have achieved, they are in the euphoria of achieving the medal. They will never tell you ‘let’s see, let’s hope we don’t come out last in the final’. Lie. They go for the medal, these kids go for everything. And when they are 40 years old they will realize what they achieved, and what they also transmit with their humility to express themselves, to train and to compete, that is brutal ”.

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