The great challenge for athletes in Tokyo 2020, according to ‘La Mirada de Faitelson’

The great challenge for athletes in Tokyo 2020, according to 'La Mirada de Faitelson'

The decision of the American Olympic star, Simone biles, prioritizing your mental health over your performance in a competition is undoubtedly one of the salient themes of Tokyo 2020. Enduring observation, permanent scrutiny and even intimidation from society almost immediately through social networks, can mean a hard weight to bear for this generation of athletes who compete in these Olympics.

In this Wednesday’s edition of his podcast, David faitelson He maintained that “the queen of these games is having a hard time carrying the banner that they have left her Michael Phelps Y Usain Bolt. But beyond that, I wonder what happens when someone like Simone Biles clearly says that he can’t take it anymore, after admitting that he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders, that he couldn’t handle the pressure and that the Olympics are not a joke. ”.

Given the statements of the American gymnast about not wanting to continue competing after her first performance, adding that she should focus on her mental health because she no longer trusted herself, the ESPN analyst considered that “her words are to take into account, because It is not a physical problem but, as he said, his mental health ”.

“I try to find the difference between Biles and other athletes from the past who surely faced the same kind of pressures. I am sure that Nadia Comanecci, to give an example, also had to endure pressure, as did Carl lewis, Bolt or Phelps. But the changes that society has undergone as such, social networks, closeness and the way in which feedback is given directly, influence a lot. Before the athlete could get into a sphere and protect himself. The demonstrations took longer to arrive ”.

Later, Faitelson recognized that “the scrutiny, analysis, observation, judgment and, why not, the way a performance was judged, were very different from what is given today through social networks . I suppose that from there, more pressure is generated and this one that ended up overwhelming Simone Biles, a gymnast who revolutionized her sport ”.

“It is a shame that this has happened, but it is also an obligation to take these types of situations into account. The Japanese tennis player Naomi osaka She also went through something similar to being eliminated in the second round of the tournament when she was expected to reach medal bets. Recall that Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros claiming that he could not bear the pressure of facing the press. These are important details that, in some way, reflect the world we live in today, “said the driver of ‘The Faitelson Look’.

After recognizing the high competitiveness that exists in all aspects of life in these times, Faitelson considers that “there is a higher pressure for athletes and for each one of us. This pressure is increased or accelerated by social networks ”.

“It would be necessary to see how all this information arrives and affects an athlete. For now, Simone Biles, the great queen of the Olympic Games, has said enough. Neither her shoulders nor her head could bear the pressure anymore. Incredible, but real” , he finished saying.

Note: the complete edition of ‘The Faitelson Look’ includes topics such as the obligation to Mexico to win the gold Cup and his request for recognition for Mexican Olympic athletes, regardless of the number of medals they get.

Download here the full podcast of ‘Faitelson’s Look ‘

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