“United and concentrated, there is no one who can beat us. Come on …”: Guillermo Ochoa’s harangue

"United and concentrated, there is no one who can beat us. Come on ...": Guillermo Ochoa's harangue

The goalkeeper of Tri Olímpico, Guillermo Ochoa, is the leader of Jaime Lozano’s team and in Mexico’s matches he has words of encouragement for his teammates

Guillermo Ochoa gathered the entire Olympic team at the end of the match against South Africa. He made a circle and launched his harangue: “united and concentrated, there is no one who will win us. Come on, you bastards! ”, Said the goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team that is in Tokyo 2020.

We are still involved, we are still focused, as we play today, there is no one who beats us. Come on …!”Was the speech of the captain of the Tricolor, Guillermo Ochoa, after beating South Africa 3-0 and before the game against South Korea, in the quarterfinals.

Guillermo Ochoa went to the Olympics in search of a medal. The goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team has three games in Tokyo 2020 and has barely received two goals, in the group he is considered the leader of a generation that wants to follow the same path as his predecessors in London 2012, gold medalists.

In the circle that Ochoa made, none of the players from the Mexican Olympic National Team spoke. In the images, you can see the coach or one of his assistants, but only the América goalkeeper can be heard congratulating his teammates and asking them to go for more.

The goalkeeper of América is the oldest of Jaime Lozano’s team, he is 36 years old and is in his second Olympic Games. In the past, Athens 2004, it was as a bench and in Tokyo 2020 it is a starter, with the background that comes from having represented Mexico in four World Cups, two as the stellar, and having a tour of football in Europe. The idol in a team that is mostly under 24.

Jaime Lozano’s team is in the Tokyo 2020 quarterfinals and found a leader in Guillermo Ochoa, who he himself said went to the Olympics to return to Mexico with a medal.

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