What does Uruguay have to do to qualify for the Rugby World Cup?

What does Uruguay have to do to qualify for the Rugby World Cup?

Uruguay beat Chile (15-10) and Brazil (36-13) and obtained the first position of the triangular of South America Rugby. This will allow Los Teros to go in search of direct qualification to the next Rugby World Cup, to be played in France in 2023.

The celestial combined must wait to meet his next rival, which will come from the winner of the North American duel that will be played Canada and United States on September 3 and 10.

The confrontation between South America 1 (Uruguay) and North America 1 (Canada or United States) will be played in home and away matches on October 2 and 9, and the winner of said key will obtain the direct classification to the World Cup in France 2023 as Americas 1. First it will be played in the north and the series will be defined in Montevideo.

The winner of the square Americas 1 will play in Group A in France, alongside the host, three-time world champion New Zealand, Italy and the Africa 1 ranked team.

What happens if Los Teros lose in that instance?

They will continue in the race in search of the Americas 2 quota, which will be settled as follows:

The loser of the North American key between the United States – Canada will face Chile (2nd in the ranking of South America), and the winner of said key will play against the loser of the confrontation for Americas 1 that Uruguay would star against the United States or Canada. This series will be played in round-trip matches to define the Americas 2 quota..

Americas 2 will join Group D along with England, Japan, Argentina and Samoa.

Even if Uruguay were to lose in the first instance and in the second, it will have one last chance to get your ticket to the World Cup through the Repechage, which will be accessed by the losing team of the aforementioned key.

The Repechage will be a home run that will take place in November 2022, which will have the presence of Africa 2, Americas 3, Europe 3 and Asia / Oceania 2 and that will grant the last place for France 2023.

The Repechage winner will face Wales, Australia, Fiji and Europe 1 in Group C.

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