Alessandra Perilli wins the first medal in the history of San Marino

Olympic Pit Bronze Medal Makes San Marino the Least Populated Country to Ever Win an Olympic Games Medal

TOKYO – San Marino, a country of just 34,000 inhabitants, this Thursday won the first Olympic medal in its history thanks to the shooter Alessandra perilli, bronze in olympic pit.

The victory went to the Slovak Zuzana Stefecekova, the second woman of his country Olympic champion in Summer Games. The only Slovak Olympic champion until today was Elena Kaliska, who obtained two golds in slalom kayaking (2004 and 2008).

The silver went to the American Kayle browning.

The bronze of Perilli, belonging to Olympic committee of the country with the smallest population that has achieved a medal in Olympic Games, surpassed in this statistic Bermuda, of 63,000 inhabitants, which won a gold medal just days ago in triathlon, through Flora Duffy.