Dayana, the first: profile of the Olympic boxer from Argentina

Dayana, the first: profile of the Olympic boxer from Argentina

Life gives you surprises, sings Rubén Blades. And it is not for less, because Dayana Érica Yohanna Sánchez became the first Argentine boxer to participate in an Olympic Game almost by chance. It is already known that chance does not exist, so some thread moved, who knows where, for this Cordoba born on August 28, 1992.

First – mid-June – her sister, Leonela, who had been a gold medalist at the Pan American in Lima (2019), was invited. But it could not be, since the “Monkey” did not reach the ideal physical state: she was Bastián’s mother in October 2020. “I have to lose many kilos in a month”, was the first thing she said until reason was imposed. Including the fact of not only recovering physical condition, but breastfeeding and caring for your baby. Point. Bad luck.


Since nothing is safe in life, a claim from Canadian Mandy Bujold appeared. It happens that a period had been established for the classifications, between 2018 and 2019, in which the Canadian had not been able to fight because she was pregnant. The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled in favor of Bujold’s claim, who not only could participate but also served to increase the number of participants. And among the beneficiaries, there was Dayana in the 60 kilograms.

In other words, it will be she, now yes, the one who can do what her sister did not achieve: be the first Argentine Olympic boxer.

Both have been through theirs. From a childhood tormented by a violent father who was the one who started them in boxing, to suffering a sanction in December 2020. It was when it was detected that she and her sister had consumed an unauthorized substance. After the Pan American Games in Lima, they were sanctioned for five months.

According to their coach, Virgilio Arauz, it had been a fat burner (Furosemide) to lose weight that they consumed without knowing, but the truth is that it tested positive. And then, after the suspension of the pre-Olympics in Buenos Aires, among so many things postponed by Covid-19, dreams seemed to fade. In fact, both came into conflict with the Argentine Federation and decided to go professional. History, however, returned to give a new change of helm, pointing towards Tokyo in the case of Dayana …

He made his boxing debut at age fourteen. She was a silver medal in the Odesur Games (2014), as well as in the Toronto Pan-American Games (2015), a gold medal in the National Women’s Championship (2016), a gold medal in the Central American Elite Cup tournament, in Guatemala (2017) and silver in the Pan American in Lima (2019).

He has 33 fights, 14 won and 19 losses. At 28, she will be in Tokyo, sheltered in a dream.

Indeed, life gives you surprises.

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