“I don’t buy any of Wilder’s excuses”: Tim Bradley discusses Wilder vs. Fury’s third fight

Deontay Wilder y Tyson Fury

Timothy Bradley, former world champion, does not buy any of the previous excuses he gave Deontay Wilder to justify their defeat in February 2020 to Tyson fury.

Wilder He believes in himself, but I think that if he took full responsibility for the latest defeat instead of blaming others, it would serve him much more to present himself once again with Fury“, Commented Bradley to Fight Hub TV. “Regardless, I think I lean slightly toward Fury. Wilder has a bit of a chance “

To Bradley The mental work that the British boxer already has built, as well as his superior skill and experience from the previous two fights are the key part in leaning in his favor for the closing of the trilogy.

“I think that Tyson it has the advantages physically and mentally ”, said the former champion. “Tyson he works harder and can do it all in the ring. He has shown before that he can put Wilder on his heels. “

Tim joined the thoughts of Tyson fury

, since he also shares that the mental factor is one of the greatest enemies for Deontay.

“I think it is still a problem for Wilder. He is as he is ”, he considered. “I understand that he works to improve some things that he will surely have to do for the fight. But things will be different in the moment and up in the ring sometimes you go back to being who you are. Especially when you are going through difficult times ”.

Wilder will step into the ring for the first time to a fight with Malik Scott, although it is unknown what the result will be with him in his corner, Bradley you don’t think they have had enough time to show some improvement.

“I don’t think they had the time to work, it’s their first fight together,” he said. “I probably would have taken a fight before as a warm-up, to test how things are going and see what is working and what is not. So they could see how much has changed before facing Fury“.

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