Luka Doncic and teammates "didn't break any rules" at the party, according to their coach

Aleksander Sekulic, coach of the Slovenian basketball team, downplayed the incident where his players appeared with alcohol and without face masks in social media posts

SAITAMA – The coach of the national basketball team Slovenia, Aleksander sekulicsaid his players “they didn’t break any rules“when asked about videos of various team members drinking alcohol Y no mask in a party on the Olympic village disseminated on social networks.

“I don’t think they broke any rules, so I don’t see any problem,” he settled. Sekulic in the press conference after the game in which they defeated Japan 116-81.

Those images were known through a publication on the social network Instagram of the Spanish player Cristina Ouviña, Y Sekulic was asked about the echo they had in the Spanish media, precisely the team they will face on the last day of the group stage, next Sunday.

“I do not know what the purpose is, I do not care, the important thing is that we have not had problems in the team, we have good chemistry, I do not even blink with these things,” replied the Slovenian coach.