Mexican Softball Federation will not recall players who threw uniforms in the trash

The Mexican Softball Federation indicated its indignation and will apply sanctions to those responsible

The Mexican Softball Federation rejected the actions carried out by the players of the national team that participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and will stop calling those responsible to throw the concentration, training and dress uniforms in the trash.

“The fact that the Mexican team has spent nearly three months in concentration and preparation tour and the amount of equipment that each player must carry is no reason to have made that decision,” the text reads.

Similarly, in the text mentioned that they are “outraged” with the player (s) who carried out said actions, so “a thorough investigation will be carried out to find the person (s) responsible, applying the appropriate sanctions.

Given this, they were overwhelming that those responsible “will stop representing this federation.”

Boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz denounced the members of the Mexican Softball Team on her Twitter account, for throwing away the different uniforms that the Mexican Olympic Committee gave to the athletes for their participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Mexican boxer showed on social networks the uniforms that were supposedly thrown away by the players and which were found in the garbage of the Olympic Village.

Sources close to ESPN confirmed that it was not only the sports clothing, but also that about ten pieces of equipment were found, including dress uniforms, tennis and some suitcases, which were provided by the sports authorities of Mexico to the members of the softball team.