Mexico was close to glory again on Day 6 of Tokyo 2020

Mexico was close to glory again on Day 6 of Tokyo 2020

The Mexican delegation settled for the fourth place of Jorge Orozco, but in golf and archery he is still in the fight

The Mexican delegation once again had a bittersweet day in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 after staying very close to the shooting medals with Jorge OrozcoHowever, two other disciplines passed their filter and can still fight for a medal:

ESPN Digital presents the activity of Mexicans on Day 6 of Tokyo 2020:


The Mexican Alejandra Ramirez culminated in the thirteenth position of sport’s shot, with which he could not access the finals of the discipline in Tokyo 2020. Ramirez she got a score of 116 hits, below the Slovakian Zuzana Rehak, who qualified as the first in the group after making 125 hits.

Ramirez culminated his participation in Tokyo 2020 as the third best shooter in the Americas Kayle Browning and Madelynn Bernal of the United States were above Ramirez However, it was not enough for them to qualify for the final of the tournament.

The Mexican Shooter Jorge Orozco got a historic fourth place inside the shooting tournament in the olympic pit.

The young man from Guadalajara qualified as sixth place at the final of the tournament and in this instance he gradually climbed positions until he remained as leader in the first three rounds, however some deconcentration was key so that the Mexican little by little was failing in his shots until you get the fourth place in the competition.

Ale Valencia qualified for the last 16 of the women’s individual archery tournament in Tokyo 2020.

In the 32nd stage, Valencia beat Karyna Kazkouskaya, representative of Belarus, by a score of six points over zero.

Meanwhile, in the round of the round of 32, the Mexican defeated the Belarusian Karyna Dziominskaya seven by three to ensure her pass to the next phase.

Ana Vazquez culminated his participation in Tokyo 2020 after being defeated by the Brazilian Marcel Dos Santos, in the 32nd finals of the Olympic archery tournament. The Mexican goalkeeper lost six points to four.

Vázquez let go of the possibility of fighting for the pass to the next round in the fifth and last set of the tournament by not completing his last three shots, because the air prevented him from shooting his last arrow, so the Brazilian qualified for the next phase. archery.


The Mexican sailor Demita Vega She finished the 12th race of the women’s windsurfing as thirteenth place in the competition with a time of 22:81.

Vega she was able to regain positions in the last race of the day, after being disqualified in the second race and being placed in the last position of the classification.


The sailor Tapatío finished his third regatta this Thursday in the third to last place of the Olympic competition, within the modality of Finn. Perez he finished the test at 2:39 of the general leader, the British Giles Scott, who finished in first place with a time of 44:32.


In the mode of RSX, Ignacio Berenguer He finished the 12th race of the Sailing tournament, in twenty-second position with a time of 23:58, just 4:23 behind the first place won by the Dutch Kiram Badloe.


In race number eight of the modality of Radial Laser, the Mexican Elena Oetling culminated in the twenty-third position, 3:31 above the first place led by the Swedish A ne-Marié Rindom.

The Mexican beach volleyball duo, made up of Joshua Gaxiola Y Jose Luis Rubio, they were defeated two sets to one by the Czech Republic couple, Ondrej Perusic and David Schweiner, in the second match of Group B. With which they complicate their passage to the next round of the discipline.

Following the suspension of the first round of the Olympic golf tournament in Tokyo 2020, due to the bad weather that hit the Japanese country. The Mexican golfer Carlos Ortiz he finished the first round in third place in the general classification. With 65 strokes and -6 under par, the Guadalajara-born is in Olympic medal spots.

Meanwhile Abraham Ancer he culminated in twentieth position after getting -2 strokes under par and scoring 69 strokes.

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