Simon Biles, a desperate cry

Let’s understand athletes, enjoy, applaud and acknowledge all their effort.

A cry to be heard, a cry to be heeded, a human reaction that requires immediate action.

The decision of the American gymnast Simon Biles to withdraw in the middle of the team all-around final and not to participate in the individual final of the full course in the artistic gymnastics of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics appealing to his mental health surprised everyone.

For some people it is difficult to understand how an athlete can give up her dreams in the middle of the Olympic final.

How? They wonder, why give up right at the moment for which you have worked so hard and for which you have sacrificed everything? There are those who even dare to call it selfish.

The first thing we must understand is that athletes, rather than high performance athletes, are human beings and not machines made to satisfy the urgent need for success.

Being an Olympic athlete in any discipline requires superhuman effort, demanding discipline and unwavering determination. All athletes are subjected to stress that requires psychological support at all times and no reaction should be minimized.

Simon Biles, dared to make a decision that I consider exemplary and that should turn on a red light, it is undoubtedly a situation that requires immediate attention.

His teammates, his teammates and in general the Olympic family, athletes and ex-athletes have turned in support of Simon BilesEveryone has applauded his decision and told him that his emotional health comes before anything else.

Every athlete reacts differently to the stress that high performance entails and they all need psychological support to fight these emotional battles, not giving the importance and right dimension to these situations can have fatal consequences.

In particular, the case of Biles has very peculiar aspects, with only 24 years, in addition to what it takes to be an elite athlete and the responsibility of being an Olympic champion, the family environment in which she has grown up has meant an extra burden since before the alcoholism of her parents, it was her grandparents who took care of her and who had always accompanied her to all her competitions. In Tokyo, for the first time, the gymnast does not have that family support due to the pandemic, yes, this damn pandemic that in many cases extended the agony of the athletes.

Let us understand the athletes, let us enjoy, applaud and acknowledge all their effort, because with only the great fact of reaching some Olympic Games they are true achievers.

The more than 11 thousand athletes who participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics They deserve all our recognition, the medals will be only for some, the fastest, the tallest, the strongest, but all, without exception, are winners and deserve all the recognition and respect.