The rebellion in the Mexican softball team that ended with the uniforms in the trash

The Mexican softball team took the spotlight at the Olympics for their actions with the uniforms, but within the team they had other disagreements

The uniforms of the Mexican Softball Team in a trash can in the Olympic Village in Tokyo 2020 is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of what happened during their participation in the tournament. The Mexican team was in fourth place in its discipline, but inside there was a group of between ten and twelve players who rebelled against the coach, took quilts, blankets and it is thought that among them are the “two or three” who left their clothing.

These players had sports talent on the field, but, unfortunately, because of their arrogance, I don’t know what happened. […] They didn’t listen to the manager, we lost against Japan because two players didn’t want to touch the ball when ordered. Some preferred not to touch it and throw them into default, there were many disrespect to the coaching staff. If you see their posts, all their photos are just them, not all of them, but a strong group of ten and two others who were there. Those 12 are going to be left out of the project, because they said that if I did not remove the manager they would not continue, so anyway I thought not to consider them “, recognized Rolando Guerrero, president of the Mexican Softball Federation, to ESPN Digital.

Some are going to leave because they said they want to be mothers, others because they said they are going to dedicate themselves to work and others because of a bad attitude, I am sure that among those players there are those who left their uniforms“Guerrero added.

The Mexican Softball Federation was reported from the airport in Tokyo, Japan, that some of their players had blankets and pillows in their suitcases, so an extra charge could be made later. In addition, none of the players reported since their departure from the Asian country the baggage assumption that forced them to leave their uniforms for use in the Olympic Village, since in doing so, the federation themselves or the COM would have paid the suitcase or the extra costs. .

They go and check the rooms, and they tell us that there were players who took the blankets. At the airport, Juan Guerrero reported it to me, which is the one from COM, I told him to open the suitcases and return them to him. He told me that they were only informing us that we reviewed, in some they were missing and maybe charges are made. There were two hours left to document, I wanted to ask them, but they said that the charge would be resolved ”, explained Rolando Guerrero.

I am very upset, because if they told us about the baggage assumption, it would have made room in one of my suitcases or we would have paid for one. We could easily have brought it with us, and the people who play softball in Mexico would have been happy to have a Tokyo 2020 souvenir. The organizing committee asked us to give them bats, gloves, balls, because they are going to make a museum; Why didn’t they donate that glove that you see in the photos to me? ” added the head of the Mexican Softball Federation.

The federation assured that an investigation in this regard has already been launched and the 15 players were asked to send a photo of their entire kit; those that do not do so will be sanctioned. So far, only two have sent the images of their kits and it is believed that the glove that appears in the garbage is from Britanny Cervantes or Danielle O’Toole, because “the handle is first base.”

Regarding the investigation for an alleged change of uniforms and not wanting to carry the Mexican flag during the competition, the manager assured that the uniforms had been delivered since June 2020 and they were not told that they had to make modifications. Too ESPN Digital He tried to make contact with one of the players, but had no response.

There was never a change of uniforms; They were presented to those responsible since June 2020. We even fought to put the flag and the Olympic rings on our shirts. Stefanía Aradillas’s uniform was given to the Olympic Committee and they didn’t tell us anything ”.

Softball team uniforms in the trash led to internal conflicts in the team that represented Mexico at the Olympics to uncover and one of the possible reasons why he did not win a medal in that discipline.

“In the U-18 National Team, we have 10 girls born in Mexico and six in the United States, who are ready and they are the ones who would go to the Pan American,” he concluded.