“There could be legal sanctions against the Mexican Softball team”, Chief of Mission of the COM

"There could be legal sanctions against the Mexican Softball team", Chief of Mission of the COM

Those responsible for throwing the uniforms into the trash could be subject to a deportation sanction and also face a legal sanction

Mario García, Head of Mission of the Mexican Olympic Committee in Tokyo 2020, commented in an interview for ESPN, that those guilty of throwing away the sports uniforms of the Mexican Softball Team within the Olympic Village, in addition to being entitled to a sports sanction, they could also face a legal sanction according to Mexican regulations.

“In our case mainly to the legal department of the Mexican Olympic Committee and then they will begin to review, not only the Mexican laws but we are also and we are observers of the Olympic Charter and there we will also find some precepts that must be respected. I insist, this It is also a surprise because we never thought that something like this could happen. This phenomenon deserves to be reviewed and to get to clearly identify those responsible for this fact, since obviously a disciplinary measure must be applied that corresponds to this conduct. “

The Legal department of the Mexican Olympic Committee already has among its tasks to investigate who or who were the alleged perpetrators and / or intellectual authors of throwing the sports uniforms in the garbage of the Olympic Village.

We have already entrusted this to our legal area of ​​the Olympic Committee so that the matter is reviewed with precision. I believe that all this has many edges and once it is found, if it is possible to find who it is, they had this performance, or some intellectual actor, it could be determined if there was fraud, we cannot think that there was no fraud because there was an act of omission, but as soon as the person responsible is identified, we can proceed to the appropriate disciplinary measure “.

The Mexican Olympic Committee is willing to provide all the necessary evidence to determine the sanctions against those responsible for the Mexican softball team.

“Well yes, without a doubt, this is also why this has edges that should be reviewed from a legal point of view and there the specialists will have to make the first recommendations. We will take care of providing the information that is within our reach and then they will be given to them. we will send it. The retrieval of information to generate a supported file that finally also serves for the analysis of the entire situation. From now on we have to be very careful and prudent in integrating the information and well, we will do it step by step ” .

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