And after Villa, who? The players who want to leave Boca Juniors

And after Villa, who?  The players who want to leave Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors is going through a crisis with one of its main figures, because Sebastián Villa declared himself in absentia to be sold abroad and the worst thing is that this situation could be replicated with more players from the squad.

In ESPN F12, Agusto César gave the names of the footballers who would also be waiting for the moment to ask for his departure.

Boca has one of the most important games of the semester on Wednesday, August 4, for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup against River and, just before, the Colombian winger came into conflict over the rejection of the Brujas offer. But there are other players who, for different reasons, have no gain from continuing with the blue and gold.

In principle, Augustus Caesar denied that Frank Fabra was on the list, although his situation seems uncertain given the appearance of Agustín Sández and Valentín Barco, in addition to the fact that the club made an offer to Argentinos for Elías Gómez. Hence the Colombian seems to have lost a lot of ground in the consideration of Miguel Ángel Russo.

On the other hand, Lisandro López is dissatisfied because he feels that he did not lose his position due to his actions in the hands of Carlos Zambrano and he wants to emigrate.

And the other player who has wanted to play abroad for a long time is Cristian Pavón. Kichán has already gone through other crises, ended up staying and managed to regain the DT’s confidence based on good performances. But in his head the idea of ​​leaving remains firm.

What will the Football Council, led by Juan Román Riquelme, do about it? The chronicler of ESPN F12 He recalled that the policy is clear: “He who does not want to be, has the door open to leave.”

As a first measure, he will have to resolve the situation of Villa, who is unlikely to play again in Boca. Augusto César anticipated that Xeneize “is not withdrawing from the market”: if the Colombian leaves, they will look for a forward and the name of Franco Di Santo will be on the air again.

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