Canada vs.  Brazil - Match Report - July 30, 2021

TOKYO (EFE) – The Brazilian women’s soccer team, after a regulation time and goalless overtime, fell on penalties 4-3 against Canada, and was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics.

The duel began with an incisive Canada that had Vanessa Gilles and Quinn the first two approaches to the goal of the Avai FC goalkeeper, Barbara. Brazil responded in the 15th minute with Tamires who tried to reach the goal with a shot inside the area that went over the crossbar.

In the 25th minute, this time with a cross shot by Jessie Fleming that passed close to Barbara’s right vertical, the Canadians had another approach in a game that at times was severely cut due to fouls in the center of the field.

VAR came into action shortly after, in an action in the Canadian box by defender Allysha Chapman on midfielder Duda, who fell and claimed a penalty. French referee Stephanie Frappart reviewed the play and decided there was no infraction.

In the 40th minute, defender Gilles had trouble controlling the ball, Debinha stole the ball, went into the area and finished, but goalkeeper Sthepanie Labbe managed to deflect the ball in what was the clearest goal play in the first half .

In the second half, the “Guerreiras” seized possession and the historic Marta took a greater role by pushing her team, while the North Americans held, at times, within their area.

The clearest goal option for Canada came in the 59th minute, after a ball still from the left side that Janine Beckie charged and that Vanessa Guilles, one of the leading players of the game both in defense and attack, crashed into the crossbar with a header.

“La Verdeamarela” responded in the 71st minute with a shot from Debinha over the edge of the area that struck before reaching the goal, but was correctly deflected by the left hand of Labbe, who currently defends the colors of FC Rosengard of Sweden.

The players led by the German Bev Priestman shook off the South American dominance with Julia Grosso and Deanne Rose, who entered the field in the 63rd minute. The latter, who two days ago signed her first professional contract with Reading FC of England, had in her feet what could be qualifying, but her shot a few meters from the Brazilian goal was blocked by Barbara in the fourth and last minute of added time. He was going to extra time.

The first half of the extension was of alternatives, only Janine Beckie disturbed “La Canarinha” with a deflected shot. In the 108th minute, the Canadians claimed a hand from Tamires in their area, but the central judge gave continuity to a supplementary that ended without any notable play.

The final 15 minutes showed the wear of both teams, Canada tried to arrive with the shipments of the newly entered Adriana León and Brazil threatened with two shots from Marta in at m.111 and Debinha, two later.

In the 119th minute, Labbe saved a header from Erika that had a goal direction and in the end came the reply from the Canadians with a shot from Lawrence that went over the goal.

In the definition from the penalty spot, the Canadians beat the Brazilians 4-3, and qualified for the semifinals where they will face the winner of the duel between the Netherlands and the United States that will also be defined today.