Carlos Ramírez and his two bronze medals at the Olympic Games

Carlos Alberto Ramirez, the young talent born on March 12, 1994, He does not pronounce a spell to win medals, he gets up when the sun does and goes out to train convinced of his dreams. It also does not heal from injuries from potion accidents. He, like a paisa thrown forward, supports and overcomes falls with medicines prescribed by his family’s doctors.

Carlos rode a bicycle for the first time when he was three years old, his parents wanted him not to be on the streets without a clear objective. His bet had a valuable result. Today Carlos Alberto Ramírez It went from being one of the Colombian revelations to a reality.

It seems that this discipline had been born for Ramírez. Throughout his life this athlete has heard the same spell: “Raiders ready. Watch the gate ”and four whistles later, he goes out together with seven other men hungry for glory, descends at the highest speed he can down about 25 meters of track, from eight meters high. Adrenaline rises to its highest levels in a race of less than a minute.

Ramírez has experienced firsthand the rise of this sport in Colombia, the beginning of BMX as an Olympic competition in Beijing 2008, and has seen how other giants from his country have risen to a podium in London and put their hands on their hearts. to hear the notes of the national anthem.

He was a gold medalist in the Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz-2014, escorted by his teammate and rival on the track Carlos Mario Oquendo. In the Pan American Games in Toronto he was close to the medal, he finished third, but a foul for stepping on the protection mat in the first corner, in which Carlos Mario Oquendo fell, was disqualified.

And after a great World Cup in Medellín, at home, On Friday, August 19, 2016, he achieved his most important result, because he got on the podium of the Rio-2016 Olympic Games, took over from Carlos Mario Oquendo and more than a revelation, he confirmed that he is one of the best in the world.

Carlos achieved one of the greatest achievements of his career at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games: bronze in the BMX cross-country event. The Colombian managed, in a photo finish, to stay with third place.

“It was a tough medal, with suspense and one that was fought to the end. He knew he could do good things and had been to a World Cup final. It was in very good condition and I had to give it my all, “said Carlos as he hung up the bronze medal.

His harvest of triumphs with the tricolor continued during the Olympic cycle, in the Bolivarian Games Santa Marta 2017 he hung the gold medal, in the South American Games Cochabamba 2018 and this same one along with his compatriot Carlos Mario Oquendo occupied the second and third position in the BMX podium at the Barranquilla 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

At the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, Carlos Ramírez was the third Colombian with a place in the BMX final in Lima. He occupied the third box of his heat, in the final competition the Colombian suffered a fall that did not allow him to cross the finish line.

With the qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Ramírez, made his concentration together with Mariana Pajón and Vincent Pelluard at the Salitre BMX track in Bogotá. Nowadays occupies square number four of the international ranking and his sensations to compete are the best, his experience and maturity on the track position him as one of the benchmarks for the Olympic jousts.

Zero hour arrived and at the same time not, the rain and a possible storm delayed the inevitable, that the little magician will hang his second Olympic bronze medal. To reach the goal he ran smartly, in the first two races of the semifinal he placed fourth in his series, without risking and without taking his eyes off the French Romain Mahieu. In the third race the American Connor Fields fell and allowed the race to open for the Colombian to enter the second position.

Ramírez was in the final and being among the eight best in the world was already a big step, but he was ready for anything, injured and with discomfort he did not give up, his mind was focused on a medal and it was. The Colombian entered the third position with a time of 40.572 seconds, hanging his second bronze metal in an Olympic Games.