From softball uniforms to Paola Espinosa: The controversies of the Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020

ESPN presents the controversial episodes of the Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020, after a week of competitions in the fair

A week after the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Mexican team has been involved in various extra-sports episodes.

For this reason, ESPN presents the controversial episodes that Mexican athletes have starred in.

The Mexican Futbol selection

In its debut in the Olympic tournament against France, Mexico beat the French team 4 to 1 and Erick Aguire’s shirt gave something to talk about on social networks thanks to an error by the sponsoring brand.

During the ceremony of the national anthems, the cameras captured that the Mexican flag on Aguirre’s elastic was upside down, a detail that did not go unnoticed by Aztec fans.

In that same duel, during the warm-up session, Guillermo Ochoa performed his exercises wearing Adidas clothing despite the fact that it is not the brand that dresses the Tri Olímpico.

Jorge Cardenas

During the parade of nations at the opening ceremony, Mexican weightlifter Jorge Cardenas broke the health protocols established by the Covid-19 pandemic, as the mask was removed while greeting the camera, despite the request by the Olympic Committee International to abstain.

Baseball selection

The Mexican baseball team starred in a controversial situation and also due to their clothing. Before debuting in the fair, part of the squad members took a picture in the Olympic village posing with the Tomateros shirt, a decision that was criticized by hundreds of users on social networks.

The Culiacán team shared the photo on their social media but, due to the controversy generated, they deleted it and published a new image of the players but wearing the official clothing.

Paola Espinosa

After the fourth place that the Mexican Dolores Hernández and Carolina Mendoza got in the synchronized three-meter trampoline event, the Olympic medalist Paola Espinosa turned on social networks by lamenting the performance of her teammates and pointing out that she and her partner had had a best performance.

“Today was my turn in Tokyo 2020, there was no medal for Mexico, I regret that they did not let us fight for the podium with Melany Hernández, as owners of the 3m synchro square, world medalists and being among those eight world couples, we gave them the Olympic diploma. It was so viable “Paola wrote on her Twitter account.

After the controversy it caused in social networks, Espinosa deleted his publication and apologized to those who misinterpreted his message, which was addressed to managers not to his colleagues.

“I eliminate the misinterpreted and unfortunate text. My support to all my colleagues. I reiterate that my message is not against any athlete; if it was interpreted that way it was not the intention, my complaint is against the unclear selection processes and those who endorse them All the best to all the athletes who achieved the dream of Tokyo 2020, “he said.

Mexican softball team

The athletes of the Mexican Softball Team left the uniforms they used during the tournament in the trash, according to the Aztec boxer Brianda Tamara reported on social networks. The decision of the softball squad caused controversy and generated much criticism, including that of the president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, Carlos Padilla.

“It is regretted that because of some bedspreads that are in the Olympic Village, they have left the uniforms in such an inappropriate place as the trash can. The uniform of those who represent Mexico has great meaning, because it bears the flag of our country. country on the chest, which our athletes defend tooth and nail, “the manager told ESPN Digital.

“This is an insult to the delegation and the Olympism. In that case, more than ignorance, because they signed the letter of commitment in which they are obliged to wear only the authorized uniform, I think this goes further and implies another type of agreements with a team (of the Mexican League) with which they will act with the corresponding legal actions, it is not a coincidence that they think they are in Disneyland, it is not like that, “Padilla said to the newspaper Reforma.