How did the “Big 3” fare at the Olympics?

How did the "Big 3" fare at the Olympics?

From the Sydney 2000 Olympics to Tokyo 2020 there is at least one participation by one member of the “Big 3”. That is why here we do a review of all the participations of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The tournament played in the city of Australia at the dawn of the new century had Roger Federer as one of the protagonists. The Swiss, who at that time was ranked No. 32 in the world ranking and was 19 years old, reached the semifinals of the competition. His path was: David Prinosil, Karol Kucera, Mikael Tillstrom and Karim Alami. Then he would fall to Tommy Haas and in the bronze match he could not overcome Arnaud Di Pasquale.

In Athens 2004, already positioned as number one in the world, he fell surprisingly in the second round against Tomas Berdych. That was the last Olympic Game with Federer alone. Already in 2008, the Swiss had the company of Rafael Nadal (2nd) and Novak Djokovic (3rd) being the only one of all who brought them together.

In the Chinese capital, the Swiss lost to James Blake (8th seed of the tournament) while the Serbian reached the semifinals and lost against Manacorí. In the match for the bronze he beat the American and won his only Olympic medal. The big winner of the three was Nadal, who got into the final and took the gold after beating Fernando González.

Four years later, in London, only Federer and Djokovic participated. While the Belgrade-born did not pass the semifinals after losing against Andy Murray (later he would also fall for the bronze medal against Juan Martín Del Potro), the Basel native made it to the final but was unable to beat the Briton.

For Rio 2016, Djokovic and Nadal were the only participants in the “Big 3”. In the first round it was the farewell of the Serbian. There he lost to Juan Martín Del Potro while the manacorí reached the semis but could not get rid of the aforementioned Argentine. In the duel for the bronze, the Spaniard also lost but this time to Kei Nishikori.

Finally, in Tokyo 2020, the only member of the big three to play the contest was the Serbian. There he arrived as a great favorite after winning three of the four Grand Slam tournaments and being the current number one in the world. But in the semis he faced Alex Zverev and the German beat him 1-6, 6-3 and 6-1. In the duel for the bronze, his rival will be Pablo Carreño Busta.

Summary of Big 3 participations in the Olympic Games:

Sydney 2000: Roger Federer (4th)

Athens 2004: Roger Federer (lost in 2nd round)

Beijing 2008: Roger Federer (lost in the quarterfinals), Rafael Nadal (won the gold medal) and Novak Djokovic (won the bronze)

London 2012: Roger Federer (won the silver medal) and Novak Djokovic (4th)

Rio 2016: Novak Djokovic (lost in the first round) and Rafael Nadal (4th)

Tokyo 2020: Novak Djokovic (lost in the semifinals. Will define bronze against Carreño Busta)

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