“I hope the coronavirus is not a lie”: Deontay Wilder warns Tyson Fury

Malik Scott y Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder showed some skepticism to the positive of coronavirus of Tyson fury That led to the closing of his trilogy will happen from July 24 to October 9.

“Friend, Malik Scott does not believe it is true, “the American posted on his account Instagram. “I hope it’s not that coronavirus lie. They will go to hell for that one, October 9 couldn’t come faster. “

The message of Wilder He was accompanied by a photo where he is observed with his coach laughing with his eyes to the sky in a burlesque tone at the attitude of Fury and your team. The two were also seen briefly training in mitt exercises.

The words of Wilder thus add to the doubts generated by the contagion of Tyson fury and the postponement of about three months of a fight that has been involved in controversy since a judge forced a rematch.

First was Bob arum the one who assured that his fighter had not complied with his complete vaccination schedule by not attending for the second dose.

Subsequently, Eddie hearn He confessed that he had certain doubts about the real causes of the postponement of the fight, since according to him he had not sold enough either at the box office or in the pay per event.

He also pointed out that the almost 18 months without fighting for either of them could have led to a certain lack of interest from the fans.

Finally, Fury He confessed that the contagion could be derived from one of his sparrings, thus causing him to take extreme measures for his new bubble in which it will be his defense of the full belt of the CMB.

To beat Fury, Wilder could break with the unification combat that has been talked about so much between Anthony Joshua Y Tyson fury.

But nevertheless, Deontay Wilder has had no luck in his two previous fights with Fury, tying in the first and being knocked out in the last one.

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