Ignacio Sancho envisions his historic triumph in Tokyo as the beginning of his career at the highest level

Ignacio Sancho envisions his historic triumph in Tokyo as the beginning of his career at the highest level

He claims to have felt the heat of all of Costa Rica during the two fights he had in the Olympic jousts

Ian Ignacio Sancho had a very prominent participation in the Olympic Games having been the first Costa Rican to achieve a victory in the discipline of judo in all history.

The athlete managed to impose himself on the Albanian Indrit Cullhaj at a decisive moment, the Costa Rican felt on the razor’s edge with two warnings he had received, time was running out and with a forceful attack he managed to leave the point that gave him victory.

Everything Costa Rica He exploded with joy to see what the Tico representative had just done but his face only looked serious, very concentrated, as if winning a fight in an Olympic jousting was an everyday thing but Ian’s concentration levels Ignacio were very tall and it wasn’t until later that he understood what he just did and how important this was.

“At the time it was not like that explosion of joy, I was not very aware of what I was doing but minutes later I was very happy with what happened because I came out of an uncomfortable situation where I was reprimanded and managed to win the fight, I am very happy to have been the first Costa Rican judoka to win a match in the Olympic Games“Sancho said in an interview with ESPN.

At his side was his younger brother, Julián, who was in charge of training Ian Ignacio during this time, one is 28 years old and the other 25, throughout their lives they have been together training judo and even during the Olympic cycle they had to reach be rivals because the two were scoring to win a single Olympic place but this did not mean that they stopped supporting each other.

“The result we had was thanks to the support and advice he gave me. My brother has had the good fortune to train in Brazil for a long time, in those years he learned a lot about Judo and the other life experiences have made him mature a lot, generally it is the older brother who guides and teaches the younger but in our case it is between the two of us, I learn a lot from my brother not only at a sports level but also as a person and his support was key ”, he added.

An aspect that greatly filled Ignacio Sancho was to see the way in which all Costa Rica gave his support to him and all athletes in general, he has been used to fighting many times in the shadows because judo is a sport that does not often have the desired exposure and hopes that his participation has inspired many children to grow your discipline.

“I appreciate it from the heart, it’s nice, it’s nice to see that people know judo, in Costa Rica There is a lot of talk about football but we also have other sports and I am glad that they talk about Judo, the sport that I am passionate about ”, he said.

“Hopefully and all of this helps children to sign up for sports clubs, they sent me videos of children in judo suits watching the fight and supporting me, that fills me,” he said.

Reaching the Olympic Games is the peak of the career for many athletes but Ian Ignacio Sancho feels that this was just one more step that he climbed and believes that he now has the necessary tools to be able to aspire to the highest level to continue competing in Grand Slams, Championships World and Pan American championships where he can finish developing his career and incidentally get a direct place in Paris 2024 through a world quota, which would allow Costa Rica to aspire to at least two representatives in Olympic judo.

“I still have a lot to give, I am visualizing myself beating very high-level rivals and it is pure motivation to continue training hard and leave Costa Rica high in the future ”, he concluded.

Ian Ignacio Sancho He has lived in Japan for four years where he has attended Tokai University, there he studies physical education and is part of the judo team, now after completing this Olympic cycle he will resume his studies and continue training until the competitions return.

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