Mexico must improve a lot against South Korea

The first surprise

Mexico still does not dominate, it does not control the game, it does not know how to come out with a dominated ball, contact with the midfielders is difficult for it.

Let’s talk about Tri Olympic, that this Saturday they face South Korea.

This Mexican team was beaten in the second game of the Olympic Games for a great Japanese team, where the strength of their forwards was efficient and effective, what do I mean? What is missing from this selection?

What the Japan selection He tactically used the brand and the pressure on the swords, the dynamics and speed at the time of recovering the ball, he pressed and won, then in the last 3/4 of the court we saw the ability of Soma, Maeda, Doan, Kubo, three forwards that were deadly for the Mexican team. At 10 minutes they were already beaten 2-0, this Japanese team highlights the dominance, the dynamics in the brand, the pressure behind the back, the recovery of the ball, and something very difficult anywhere in the world to cancel, the first intention.

The Mexican team, meanwhile, played exactly the same as the French team, just the same, two wide open ends, their three flyers, Luis Romo, Charly rodriguez and Cordova; very good players but all three were looking for the same ball in the center, they wanted to go out playing at the same time, impossible. The extremes, like Alexis Vega, they went down for the ball where it should not go down; Diego Lainez with his ability he goes down the ball where he is easy prey because he is grabbed by two or three rival players; Y Henry MartinSince he is a forward center, he receives his back well, he does not give any significance to the play, it is difficult for him to do something by himself. Behind both Montes and the boy Vázquez were overtaken by the speed of the Japanese.

Then Jimmy Lozano pulled out Alexis Vega already Diego Lainez, your two best players, it is not possible! Instead of supporting them, instead of helping them to have the most of the ball, because they are the most skillful players that Mexican soccer has, he took them out at minute 60, and thus the Mexican team lost that game.

This second game left tremendous lessons, Mexico He can capitalize on them, if Jimmy knows how to read and adjust them, that will be of great benefit, otherwise we will always, always, always continue the same.

Against South Africa a different face was seen, Antuna entered by Diego Lainez, finish the Tri Olympic winning 3-0. But Mexico still does not dominate, does not control the game, does not know how to come out with dominated ball, contact with the midfielders is difficult for him.

Luis Romo, Charly Rodríguez, Cordova, they are very good players but they don’t know how to enter the game, there is no way, they don’t know where to stand, or how to step on the area. Alexis Vega He has little pitch, Henry receives the ball very well from his back but he has no solutions, of course there is Antuna, he has overflowed in hand-to-hand a couple of times quite well and it has been enough for the Mexican triumph.

But I repeat and insist, the Mexican team has to improve a lot, a lot, to face these quarterfinals in Tokyo 2020, because the Koreans play well, they have already played better than Mexico!

This is, Dede la Cancha, for ESPN.

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