Rogelio Romero falls and Mexican boxing says goodbye to Tokyo 2020

The light heavyweight lost by unanimous decision to Cuban Arlen López and was eliminated from the Olympic Games

The mexican boxing said goodbye to the Olympic Games after the defeat of Rogelio romero in the Quarterfinals of Tokyo 2020 in front of the Cuban Arlen lopez.

Rosemary was overcome by the way of points 5-0, with the five judges scoring 30-27 in favor of the Cuban.

Despite his advantage in stature, Rosemary tried to box in front of Lopez, who had no problems connecting at pleasure to the Mexican, who ended up with a reddened face from the blows.

This was the last fight of the Mexican boxing delegation after the fighters Brianda Tamara Cruz Y Esmeralda Falcon they were also eliminated prematurely.

Lopez, middleweight gold medalist in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games He will fight the Semifinal next Sunday, August 1, against an opponent to be defined.