This Tri can write a new Olympic chapter for Mexico

This Tri can write a new Olympic chapter for Mexico

This Jaime Lozano team could also do something historic for Olympic soccer in Mexico.

The Olympic competition is very good in these quarterfinals. The Mexican team Football, taking into account that Jaime lozanoBeing the leader and technical director of this team where there have been some setbacks, along the way he has been solving them with wisdom, work, dedication, effort, concentration and the mentality that this group has acquired of wanting to make its history.

As stated Jaime lozano, something that seemed fantastic to me, is that if you go to a competition you should think about winning it. That athlete or character who wants to compete in anything and does not aspire to win, it is better not to participate.

Jaime is mentalizing his entire group, as the leader that he is, that if they are in the Olympic Games is to win the gold medal. That is the goal.

The circumstances that arise will give him the reason or not, because there are great competitors that must be recognized in these quarterfinals.

Starting with the Brazil vs Egypt, where the favorite is the Brazilian team, therefore, it is assumed that the Brazilian team will go to the semifinal.

Japan will face New Zealand, and from what has been shown so far, the host team has shown a mentality and an interesting game to think that, being the organizer of these Olympic Games, it is the obligatory in this classification.

In this quarter phase they will also face Spain Y Ivory Coast. We know that it is a very uncomfortable rival for the Spanish, but due to the quality and talent of the players of this team, who have shown an improvement as we saw in the last European Championship, it makes us think that the Spanish are, together to Mexico or Brazil, the favorites to win the gold medal.

Our desire and pleasure will be that Mexico beat South Korea, an uncomfortable opponent who will always be an uncertainty taking into account his style, speed, cleverness and the intensity that the Koreans have in their game. But quality and talent influence more than all those factors, which the Mexican team also has.

I would love that Mexico face the other favorite, Brazil, in the semifinals, which would be worrying but more interesting. Facing the Brazilians would not be something new, it has already happened, we just have to remember the glorious final for Mexican soccer at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which was won 2-1 with the goals of Oribe Peralta.

With much merit, that selection of Luis Fernando Tena made history. This Tri could also do something historic for Olympic soccer in Mexico.

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