Thurman explains what he saw in leaked sparring video showing Errol Spence

Thurman explica lo que vio en video filtrado de sparring donde exhiben a Errol Spence

After a video came to light where a sparring partner exhibits Errol spence, who prepares for his fight against Manny pacquiao, Keith thurman He spoke about what he detected in this leaked recording.

“It appeared in my feed. It was too juicy not to click, “he said. Thurman in interview for Fight Hype. “It was too juicy with the title that they gave it that it was supposed to be something we weren’t supposed to see, and that we saw it before the video came down. And I bet they lowered it. And they must have taken it down. Anyone who has seen it, we all know what we saw in that video. “

Thurman assures that in the video that was leaked of the sparring, Errol spence it didn’t look good.

“We know what we saw. We are talking about Errol spence and his training partner, the little Pacquiao jr“, Explained Thurman. “The small Pacquiao jr he was entering her and putting his hands in her. That doesn’t look good to people, especially me, who I’m rooting for Errol so that it eliminates the old and the new arrives ”.

There were things in the video that concerned Thurman, who already fought with Pacquiao and knows the style of the Filipino.

“To see how (Spence) let his sparring partner take advantage of him, get into him, and combine three hits, that’s the specialty of Pacquiao“, He remarked Thurman. “That’s exactly where (Pacquiao) is great and that’s what he wants.”

Keith Thurman defends Errol Spence

The same way, Keith tried to justify Errol and what was seen in the video. Thurman points out that no one knows what happened in the gym on the day of the video’s sparring.

“The only thing about the leaked sparring is that we don’t know what that day was like for Errol“, Explain Keith. “We don’t know if he did sack work before that round. We also don’t know if there was another training rival before that session. We don’t know which round we were watching, if it was the ninth, the sixth or the fourth. There are so many things we don’t know about the video that was leaked. I take it as a part of the information, but not all. “How about that (Spence

) did a great strength work the day before? ”.

Despite what you saw in the video, Thurman still hope that Spence defeat Manny pacquiao.

“Not every day will be your best day,” he said. Thurman. “I still hope that Errol spence come prepared to trade blows against the legendary PacquiaoAnd I still think he has the power, the whole background of his amateur history and that Olympic background that he should be able to handle inside that ring. So we’ll see ”.

What does Thurman think of the leaked video?

Thurman assured that it was good that the leaked video had been removed, this to prevent people from Pacquiao see some things in it and use it for combat.

“You have to delete it for the privacy of the camp,” he says. Thurman. “Some information was leaked, and those who saw it have already seen it. The team of Pacquiao could see it, which they probably did or someone from the gym could see it. If I was able to see it almost by chance, then probably a good number of people in the industry saw it too and the word will get out. TO Pacquiao He doesn’t give a damn about that. It will do what it will do anyway. Freddie roach and he has a good fight plan ”.

Thurman spoke about Errol Spence and his sparring.

Thurman says they will have to punish the person who leaked the Errol Spence video

The boxer said that this cannot happen, and that the person who recorded this and uploaded it to social networks must have an exemplary punishment.

“They are training hard in preparation for the fight. But delete the video because you don’t want to let someone constantly study the same video over and over again when it should have been private, ”he argued. Thurman. “Deep down, whoever filmed that in that gym should never be allowed to enter that gym again. That person should be kicked out of that gym entirely. It was disrespectful to Errol spence in the privacy of his camp and preparing for one of the biggest fights of his career, so I’m totally in favor of removing the video. “

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