1×1: Mexico got its best qualifications from Tokyo 2020, against South Korea

1x1: Mexico got its best qualifications from Tokyo 2020, against South Korea

The Mexican National Team had its best qualifications of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the quarter-final match against South Korea, a rival they beat 6-3 to advance to the semifinals against Brazil.

Guillermo Ochoa – 10

Despite the fact that the scoreboard was bulky for Mexico, the Mexican goalkeeper was key in the victory of the Mexican team, as the goalkeeper reacted on the occasions that he was required with key saves.

Johan Vasquez – 9

He returned to the title after he completed his penalty game. The defender had an outstanding performance against South Korea with significant coverage for the full-backs when they were overtaken by the Asians.

Cesar Montes – 9

The Monterrey defender had his best performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games against South Korea. The center stood out for his interventions to cut aerial lines, in addition to being opportune for coverage.

Jorge Sanchez – 9

His work in attack and defense was important for the Mexican National Team to prevail over South Korea. The side became an unexpected weapon for Jaime Lozano on offense, but he also reacted in a good way when he was demanded at the bottom. However, he was cautioned and will miss the match against Brazil.

Vladimir Loroña – 9

Jaime Lozano opted for the Tijuana side to replace Erick Aguirre and had an outstanding performance. Loroña contributed defense and offense.

Joaquin Esquivel – 9

He was in charge of balancing the Aztec group. Esquivel recovered balls and distributed them. The midfielder was one of the most prominent in Jaime Lozano’s team.

Sebastian Cordova – 10

He had a round performance against South Korea. The América footballer took the ball to take the penalty kick when the score was 1-2 and he hit the mark. Córdova scored the second for his account at 63 ‘with a goal from the corner.

Luis Romo – 10

The midfielder crowned his outstanding performance with a great goal. Romo stepped on both areas, so he contributed to the recovery of the ball, in addition to helping to create offensive football.

Henry Martin – 10

The Olympic reinforcement stood out against South Korea. Henry took on the role of scorer for the Mexican national team and ended up scoring two scores in the Tokyo 2020 quarterfinal match.

Alexis Vega -10

The Chivas footballer continues with brilliant performances in Tokyo 2020. Vega, from the left wing of El Tri, has become a fundamental piece in Jaime Lozano’s squad.

Uriel Antuna – 9

He has won the title to Diego Lainez and has taken advantage of it. Antuna is an unbalancing piece in Jaime Lozano’s team, where he stands out for his speed that gives vertigo to the Mexican attack.


Fernando Beltran – 8

He had 17 minutes of participation, time in which he helped manage the commitment process.

Diego Lainez – 9

He entered exchange at 72 ‘. He brought imbalance and speed, he was even in charge of overflowing the left wing to assist Eduardo Aguirre, in the sixth Mexican goal.

Eduardo Aguirre – 10

He was present on the scoreboard with just 12 minutes of play. Aguirre scored the sixth goal of the national team with a half turn.

Ricardo Angulo – 9

He entered at 78 ‘instead of Alexis Vega. He helped with speed and unbalanced from the left wing.

Jesus Angulo – 8

He took the place of Johan Vásquez 10 minutes from the end. However, he was cautioned, a situation that puts an asterisk in his performance against South Korea.

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