Henry Martín, on the next rival Brazil: “Fear of nobody. Fear of my mother nothing else”

Henry Martín, on the next rival Brazil: "Fear of nobody. Fear of my mother nothing else"

The reinforcement from America has increased its level as the Olympic tournament progresses

Henry Martin, one of the reinforcements of the Olympic Mexican National Team, revealed that he played with pain before South Korea, he even reported that he did not want to infiltrate against the Asians. Now before Brazil In the semifinals, he assures that he is not afraid, because only his mother scares him.

“Fear of no one. Fear of my mom just …”declared the attacker of the Tri, who clarified that he did not play undercover and endured the pain during the quarterfinal match. “If they had infiltrated me something I would not have played. I endured the pain like that.”

“I wanted to, that’s why I came to play and a blow was not going to leave me out, it was more wanting and looking for the medal and we achieved it. We are one step away. Of course and the most important thing is that any goal goal. That is very difficult and we have it, who are you going to mark that is good for the team “.

Secondly, Guillermo Ochoa assured that even though the Mexican team made six annotations, South Korea He was a complicated opponent, but the forcefulness made the match process easier.

“He was not an easy opponent, he was a difficult opponent. The forcefulness makes him see the games in a different way. Today we had that fortune in the goal. They pushed us a lot and did not emerge. There was no simple rival and in that cover to continue and not lower your arms. “

“The medal smells like dream illusion that’s why we come to be on the last day. A tournament with so many teams is not easy. It is an extraordinary tournament and we want to crown it with a medal.”

Ochoa He reiterated the quality of the Brazilian team, who reached the semifinals after beating Egypt 1-0 in the quarterfinals.

“It will be a difficult game against Brazil. They are always the candidates, we will compete and see what happens.”

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