Olympic Games: New Zealand-France, the grand final of the women's Sevens

The grand finale of the Tokyo 2020 Women’s Sevens. In the semifinals, New Zealand overtook Fiji, while France did the same to Great Britain, so both selected will be measured to meet the tournament champion.

In a match not suitable for cardiac patients, and that was defined in overtime after equality by 17-17, New Zealand beat Fiji 22-17 and got into the grand final. In the second semifinal, France was superior and prevailed before Britain by 26-19.

At the same time, Brazil closed its participation in the Olympic Games with an ant victorye Fiji to achieve 11th place. For its part, Canada took ninth place by beating Kenya. What’s more, Australia advanced to the match for fifth place by beating ROC, in which it will be measured against United States.

The title match between New Zealand and France will be this Saturday from 6:00 am (Argentina time), while the match for third and fourth place between Great Britain and Fiji will be played at 5:30 am (Argentina time).

It should be remembered that, in the group stage, New Zealand and Great Britain took first place in Group A, while ROC qualified to the quarterfinals as one of the best third parties. In addition, France finished at the top of Group B, followed by Fiji, and Canada, which was the last classified to the next instance. Finally, in Group C, the United States gave the surprise and beat Australia, the last champion, who finished in second place.

The complete fixture: