URBA First A: Champagnat defeated San Carlos 32-8

URBA First A: Champagnat defeated San Carlos 32-8

Champagnat beat San Carlos 32-8 for the first date of the Primera A. The local could not with the set of the Villanueva brothers, who managed to find the return to the first half and make important differences in the second half.

The first minutes of the match were marked by indiscipline on both sides, especially on the side of San Carlos, who only received his first yellow in just a quarter of an hour into the game. The intentional knock on of Joaquin Wyler Not only did he leave the local with one less, but he also gave the chance to Gonzalo costaguta to score the first three points of the match. Despite this initial blow, San Carlos managed to respond quickly with a penalty two minutes later by Martin Rohner and, at the end of the first part, with the try of Franco Benvenuti. With five minutes to play Matías Alonso Boto received the yellow in Champagnat.

With a greater effort in correcting the decision-making on the final meters, Champagnat managed to settle into the match quickly. First with a penalty try and then with a penalty (again converted by Costaguta) and try by Martin Cordeyro, captain of the team, who left the game 18-8 just 10 minutes from the complement. This flurry of the visiting team was very hard for San Carlos, who also played with one less for the yellow for a high tackle that he received Juan Ignacio Cuellas placeholder image.

Already entered the last 20 minutes of the game, Thomas Podingo, one of the debutants, received at the tip and, Alejo Melin With an excellent hand off, he took off towards the ingoal to support on the flag. To close the win and get the bonus point, captain Martín Cordeyro again took the post, found a space at the exit of a line and supported the last try of the match, decreeing the final 32-8 in favor of Champagnat.


SAINT CHARLES: 1. Nicolás Ferrero, 2. Mariano Polivanoff, Maximiliano Polivanoff, 4. Federico Brundi, 5. Juan Ignacio Gray, 6. Joaquín Wyler, 7. Nicolás Pulleiro, 8. Franco Benvenuti, 9. Alejo Melin, 10. Juan Pablo Amestoy, 11. Juan Ignacio Cuellas, 12. Martín Rohner, 13. Tomás Irazoqui (c), 14. Gonzalo Brundi, 15. Tomás Piqueras

Coach: Alejandro Sánchez Rubio.

CHAMPAGNAT: 1. Manuel Graciarena, 2. Joaquín Dal Bianco, 3. Tomas Distel, 4. Francisco Castelli Aspiroz, 5. Iñaki Ustariz, 6. Matías Alonso Boto, 7. Tomás Alonso Boto, 8. Lucas Valdez 9. Martín Graciarena, 10. Santos Panelo, 11.Tomás Podingo, 12. Tobias Imbrosciano, 13. Simón Montes, 14. Martín Cordeyro (c), 15. Gonzalo Costaguta

Coaches: Federico Villanueva, Facundo Villanueva and Ivan Hansen

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 16´ Penalty converted by Gonzalo Costaguta (C), 19´ Penalty converted by Martín Rohner (SC), 30´ Try by Franco Benvenuti (SC).

Partial result: San Carlos 8-3 Champagnat

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 47´ Penalty try for Champagnat, 51´ Penalty converted by Costaguta (C), 52´ Martín Cordeyro try (C), 60´ Tomás Podingo try and Gonzalo Costaguta conversion (C), 74´ Martín Cordeyro try and Gonzalo Costaguta conversion (C ).

Final score: San Carlos 8-32 Champagnat.

YELLOW: 16´ Joaquín Wyler (SC), 35´ Matías Alonso Boto (C), 50´ Juan Ignacio Cuellas (CS), 71´ Matías Graciarena, 78´ Tomás Irazoqui


Referee: Lucas Reinoso

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