URBA Primera A: Los Matreros thrashed Deportiva Francesa 47-21

URBA Primera A: Los Matreros thrashed Deportiva Francesa 47-21

The URBA First A tournament began. There, Los Matreros was more than Deportiva Francesa and won the 47-21 victory out of home. Santiago Marelli, party figure, converted a hat-trick for the Morón team.

The visitors managed to open the scoring very quickly, since six minutes into the first half, Marelli he was in charge of diving into the opposite ingoal to put the initial 7-0. Later, the actions were very even for both teams, for this reason the result did not move until minute 23, when Ian Schmale managed to overcome the defense and narrowed the difference.

Pedro Roca, opening of Deportiva Francesa, converted a great penalty that put his team up on the scoreboard, but the joy lasted very little, because Agustin Costa Repetto scored his try after a big push from a maul. With two minutes to go until the close of the first half, Diego biro managed to reach the opposite ingoal to increase the advantage of Los Matreros.

The second half started very favorable for the Morón team as Marelli returned to do his thing and scored his second try in the afternoon. At 15 minutes, Los Matreros once again increased the advantage on the scoreboard thanks to Marcos Amorisa, who supported his team and thus the score was 33-11. Later and in a burst of two minutes, Deportiva Francesa converted two tries into the hands of Nicolás Spandre and Pedro Espinal.

But nevertheless, Alejo Rodriguez leaked into defense to get away on the scoreboard. To close the result, Santiago Marelli scored his last conquest to reach the hat-trick and thus sentence the duel by 47-21.


FRENCH SPORTS (21): 1. Javier Corvalan, 16. Isella Marcos, 3. Ezequiel Ibazeta, 5. Santiago Parola, 20. Bautista Rivera, 6. Alejandro Carluccio, 7. Nicolás Spandre, 8. Agustín Calvi, 9. Pedro Cascaron, 10. Pedro Roca , 11. Pedro Espinal, 12 Matías Lorenzon, 22. Ian Schmale, 14. Joaquín De La Fuente, 15. Tomás Gabriel Cruz.

Changes: ET. Blas González Bonorino for Baustista River. ST: 20 ‘Lautaro Becerra by Pedro Cascaron

THE MATREROS (47): 1. Facundo Nahuel De Muria, 2. Agustín Costa Repetto, 22. Tomás Sánchez Azaro, 18. Tomás Hagan, 5. Giuliano Marmorale, 17. Germán Darriba, 7. Alejo Garcia, 9. Marcos Amorisa, 10. Juan Francisco Morales , 11. Juan Manuel Garcia, 12. Álvaro Marcelo Pérez, 13. Gastón Cadelago, 14. Diego Biro, 15. Santiago Marelli.

Changes: -.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 6 ‘Try by Santiago Marelli converted by Juan Morales (LM), 23’ Try by Ian Schmale (DF), 27 ‘Penalty by Pedro Roca (DF), 31’ Try by Agustín Costa Repetto converted by Juan Morales (LM), 35 ‘Penalty by Pedro Roca (DF), 38’ Try by Diego Biro converted by Juan Morales (LM).

Partial result: Deportiva Francesa 11 – 21 Los Matreros

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6 ‘Try by Santiago Marelli converted by Juan Morales (LM), 15’ Try by Marcos Amorisa (LM), 24 ‘Try by Nicolás Spandre (DF), 26’ Try by Pedro Espinal (DF), 32 ‘Tryu by Alejo Rodríguez converted by Juan Morales (LM), 35 ‘Try by Santiago Marelli converted by Juan Morales (LM)

Final score: Deportiva Francesa 21 – 47 Los Matreros

WARNED: ST – 18 ‘Javier Corvalán (DF), 22’ Germán Darriba (LM)


REFEREE: Juan Maio.

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