Dajomes celebrated his gold medal and thanked Alexandra Escobar

Dajomes celebrated his gold medal and thanked Alexandra Escobar

The Ecuadorian Neisi Dajomes highlighted, after winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games, that there are athletes, such as the weightlifter Alexandra Escobar, which deserves much praise for being the only Ecuadorian in this sport to have participated in five Olympic Games, and stressed that she is his “idol”.

“I am not there yet, I do not really know the weight of what I have achieved”, said before the reflection that she is the first woman to give a gold medal to Ecuador in an Olympiad and noted that “There are athletes like Alexandra Escobar who also deserves a lot of praise for being the only woman in this sport who has participated in five Olympic Games. She is my idol”Dajomes said in a note released in Ecuador by the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE).

Escobar, 41, made his debut at the 2004 Athens Games where he ranked seventh and received an Olympic diploma and, since then, has qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in which he was fifth and received a diploma; in London 2012 he ranked ninth and in Rio 2016 he reached his best position, fourth place, for which he received an Olympic diploma, the fourth of his career.

In Tokyo, despite arriving in very good physical and technical condition, with real chances to win a medal, Escobar was eliminated, so he analyzes the possibility of retiring, while the president of the Ecuadorian Weightlifting Federation (FELP), Luis Zambrano, assured Efe that everything possible will be done to keep him competing.

Dajomes, 23, won this Sunday in the 76 kilogram division of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 by achieving a total of 263 kilograms, after lifting 118 in snatch and 145 in clean and jerk.

In social networks, greetings and congratulatory messages for Neisi followed, from the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, to national sports figures such as Richard Carapaz. “You are an example of strength for thousands of girls and women in the country and the entire world,” said President Lasso.

The athlete experienced mixed feelings, which made her burst into tears when she remembered all those who put a grain of sand so that she could end up giving Ecuadorians one more joy “They sent me good vibes from every part of the country.”

He assured that there are key people who made this dream possible, such as Walter Llerena and Mayra Hoyos, “who supported me and trained me in my early days, even giving me a room to sleep and a plate of food.”

He also highlighted the very important arrival of the Russian coach Alexis Ignatov, “coach of my coaches, which was hired by the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee ”.

Importance of the Russian coach who today corroborated Efe Jaime Ruiz, president of the Pichincha Sports Concentration (CDP), where Dajomes trained since last year.

With Ignatov he started a local weightlifting project about 30 years ago and then he stayed permanently in Ecuador.

In the midst of the unique moment of celebration for such a historic achievement, Dajomes was overcome by nostalgia when he remembered his brother Javier Palacios, now deceased like his mother.

“I recently lost my brother and I lost my mother before, they take care of us from heaven; That is why I dedicate all my triumphs to them and I thank them for having been so important in my life, ”he said.

In addition to Neisi, her 20-year-old sister, Angie Paola Palacios, debuted last week at the Tokyo Olympics where, also in weightlifting, her participation in snatch started well, but in clean and jerk she suffered severe pain, due to which he did not complete the test, but in the final score he placed sixth and received the Olympic diploma.

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