Danielle O’Toole, second player to resign from Mexico softball team

Danielle O'Toole, second player to resign from Mexico softball team

The pitcher spoke on social networks after the controversy of the uniforms of the Mexican team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Danielle O’Toole becomes second player to resign from Mexico softball representative, after acknowledging that she was one of the participants who left her training uniforms at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village. He explains the facts and points out that he did not do so with the intention of disrespecting the nation he defended and “for which we work so hard.”

“I take on the responsibility of dropping off some Lining garments in Tokyo. I asked the Olympic Village postal service if they sent International level boxes and they said only letters. We should have asked more questions, considered donating, anything except leaving them as we did and for that I am so sorry. From the bottom of my heart, ”the athlete reported on her social networks.

O’Toole was one of the most outstanding athletes on the Mexico softball team, finishing fourth at the Olympic Games.. The athlete accepted that the match they lost against Canada and meant being out of the medal table, was the last one she played with the national representative.

“I played my last game for Mexico, my white jersey has dirt and tears from our last game and it will continue like this forever. I will be hanging my t-shirts at my house, because we accomplished something historic. Because I am proud to be Mexican. Proud of my heritage. Proud to have had the honor of representing Mexico ”, reads its publication.

The controversy surrounding the softball players began after two Olympians found some training uniforms thrown in the trash. That action immediately caused outrage on social media.

“Carrying Mexico across my chest has been an honor and pride. I would never throw anything with malicious intent or to disrespect the country we work hard for. I chose to represent Mexico. I am grateful to my family who came to the United States and worked hard so that I could have this life. “

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