Diego del Real left aside the family tradition of American football, now he is looking for an Olympic medal

Diego del Real left aside the family tradition of American football, now he is looking for an Olympic medal

Diego del Real changed the grid for the hammer throw during his childhood and wishes to fulfill his dream of obtaining a medal in Tokyo 2020

The family tradition that was to play American football was broken by Diego del Real when he was a child, he practiced that discipline for eight years, but he left the field to dabble in hammer throwing. and that decision has led him to the prominence that he seeks to elevate with an Olympic medal in Tokyo 2020.

Diego del Real began his career in American football at the age of five with a team called Potros, in Nuevo León, he played as a nose guard, but he never imagined that his life would change course to become an Olympic athlete.

The hammer thrower followed the family tradition, after his father and brothers had played on the grills. and even Diego had a desire to become a professional player.

Eduardo del Real, the athlete’s father, recalled that “he started playing American football because his father played American football, his older brother also played American for Tigres, the next one also played for Colts and Tigres, and he wanted to be a professional. Everyone in my family plays football, all my kids and the cheerleader girl, it’s a very inclusive sport. “

He recalled, in an interview for ESPN Digital, that when Diego was 13 years old, Alejandro Laberdesque appeared to invite him to dabble in athletics when he saw his qualities for it, which is why the change in his sports life began.

“When Labardesque saw the conditions, the height, the body, the way he behaved, he played nose guard, the strongest of the line, and began to guide him to the hammer throw,” he said.

In the beginning, his father found it difficult for him to make his way in that discipline and even told him to put it aside, to continue with his studies and in American football.

“Labardesque told him to start turning wherever you go and he would turn here in the house, he would knock things over and turn around everywhere, I would say to him leave that, you are not going to get anywhere, start studying because that is not going to you. get anywhere, because we were fans of American football, “he said.

But nevertheless, Diego del Real told his family that he wanted to continue, that one day he would do something important and his desire gradually paid off., because his performance generated that the INDE of Nuevo León will look for his parents to sign some documents that would allow him to participate in international competitions.

Eduardo del Real recalled that at the age of 17, Diego and one of his brothers sought to go to a camp in Russia to continue with their preparation, but without the support of anyone, which he saw as complicated, but decided to support him and intervene so that he could fulfill your dream.

“The time came when he asked Russia to go to a camp and he and his brother bought the tickets, he wanted to leave, I did not give them permission because I told them that they had no contract with anyone, that they had no letter from the University (UANL) or INDE to present themselves to Russia, they were going blind.

“I went to speak to the University Sports Directorate, I asked them that I financed the flight of the coach and Diego so that they could go to train, so that they could have competitions and improve the level, they told me that they would begin to promote it and as it improved they were proposing it for international competitions, “he added.

His passage within this discipline allowed Diego del Real to be in different events such as the World Cup, World Universiade, Pan American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, but the best came in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

At those Olympics, Diego del Real fell one step away from the bronze medal, after finishing fourth with 76.05 meters on his throw.

“I never imagined that it would come to this, we always told him to apply yourself, stop knocking things down, go outside (from his house), but then he asked me for dumbbells for the hammers, so I went and sent them to do it, I donated it to the University, then I sent him to make other hammers that he asked. What he asked me to try to solve, “he confessed.

Now, the decision to have left American football to dedicate himself to hammer throwing has Diego del Real once again at the Olympic Games, in which he seeks the dream of being on the podium.

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