Ecuadorian Neisi Dajomes, from adversity to glory at Tokyo 2020

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Ecuadorian Neisi Dajomes, from adversity to glory at Tokyo 2020

The Ecuadorian weightlifter Neisi Dajomes left the adversities that life presented her behind and embraced this Sunday with Olympic glory by winning the historic gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which joins that of Jefferson Pérez, in the 20-kilometer march in Atlanta 1996 and that of the cyclist Richard Carapaz also in Tokyo, a week ago.

The lack of resources to develop in weightlifting, the unexpected loss of her mother, the positive in a first test of the covid-19 a few days before the competition, did not stop her and he found the maximum momentum to defeat all those situations and reach the top of the podium.

The purity of his technique, strength and character he cultivated day by day in each training place, but in a special way, at his home in Puyo, the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza in the eastern region, where his first inspiration and trainer of this triumphant character received them in his home from his mother.

“If I had to describe my mother (Orcelina) in two words, it would be: ‘wonder woman'”, Dajomes highlighted at the age of 15, when he achieved the junior youth title in the U-17 World Cup, Uzbekistan in 2013, the athletes who debuted in an Olympics, those of Rio 2016, with an Olympic diploma by ranking seventh in his category

“The golden woman” -as highlighted today on his Twitter account by the 2019 champion of the South American Soccer Cup, Independiente del Valle- today paid tribute to his deceased mother (two years ago and a brother three years ago), her brothers, her family, those who were always with her and at the award ceremony, he showed the palm of his hand, where it read: “Mom, brother.”

Always showing a smile, looking towards the goal and the drive to achieve it, Dajomes is a true source of success, of triumphs, of great results. If at the age of 15 she was world champion, to which she later added two more world titles at the youth level in Georgia 2016 and Tokyo 2017, in her career she also set several records, between world and Pan-American.

In every training session in his native Puyo he was never short of music, from salsa to romantic melodies and, of course, his pets: his dogs, with whom he relaxed after exhausting training sessions, with the vigilance and guidance of the Russian coach Sergey Ignatov, who enjoys his absolute confidence and security.

Even when the support of the State was exhausted, her coach would support her with his resources, as Dajomes highlighted in an interview with Efe at the beginning of the year.

Dajomes prepared with her younger sister, 20, who made her debut at the Tokyo Olympics last week and placed sixth in his category, for which he received the Olympic diploma.

Neisi Dajomes always demanded to be attended to in their requirements to achieve a better technical and physical response, and for that reason on more than one occasion she had friction with sports managers, as the president of the Ecuadorian Federation of Weightlifting (FELP) acknowledged to Efe Luis Zambrano.

The physical power, the discipline with which he prepares, the love he shows for what he does to develop a technique full of neatness and the youth of Dajomes, open an infinite path, not only to be the first Ecuadorian woman to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games, but to continue to triumph as she has done since she was a child.

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