“It broke our hearts”, the degree of difficulty took away the bronze from Alexa Moreno: Elsa García

"It broke our hearts", the degree of difficulty took away the bronze from Alexa Moreno: Elsa García

Elsa García, who did not qualify for the Olympics in the team competition, said that does not take away from Alexa its historic participation

The gymnast Elsa García reveals that the degree of difficulty of the jump of Alexa García snatched the bronze medal of Tokyo 2020 and that’s when the Korean won, whose performance was lower than that of the Mexican; but beyond that, he points out “it broke our hearts into a thousand pieces” when he took fourth place.

In an interview for ESPN Digital, Elsa García stated that “of course you have to respect the other competitors, who did their job, although there is always controversy over whether this or that gymnast should have a better qualification than another and in this case I think that the degree of difficulty of the Korean girl’s jump (Yeo Seo-jeong) unseated Alexa; that gave it the competitive advantage, so to speak, although in the end it had a lower quality execution than Alexa’s, and I think that’s when the medal escaped us ”.

Elsa García, who did not qualify for the Olympics in the team competition, said that does not take away from Alexa its historic participation that went from less to more, since “he had some errors in the qualifying stage, but he was enough to go to the final and in this he was very professional, handling pressure and his emotions well”.

Despite these details, he points out that nothing tarnishes his performances in the final and “we all saw: they were two very well executed jumps in every sense of the word. And at the end of the day he was less than one tenth, 17 hundredths behind the medal. And well, the heart of Mexico was broken into a thousand pieces by that fourth place ”.

Bluntly, Elsa García affirms that Alexa Moreno “is an example of success. He leaves us teaching to never give up, to fight for our goals and enjoy the competition as we saw that he enjoyed it ”.


He then indicated that the physical qualities of Alexa Moreno are those that have taken her far in her sports career, despite the attacks she received after her contest in Rio 2016 when people who perhaps did not know about gymnastics, bounced her for her weight just for have the power to launch messages on social networks.

It is when he assures that the physicist has led Alexa to be a specialist in horse jumping, since “it is very dynamic. His muscular response is very fast. She is strong, she is explosive and because she is tall (1.47 meters) she has better control of rotation, I think, over her body. They are his own qualities and he has known how to exploit them when and how he wants. He realized that he had a knack for horse jumping and that’s how he specialized ”.

On the other hand, the Monterrey gymnast said that after the historical participation of Alexa Moreno, the handling of the discipline has to be well carried out by the respective Mexican Federation, which she accuses of being partly to blame for the fact that Mexico has not qualified Tokyo in teams or there has been another individual athlete accompanying Alexa.

“Mexican gymnastics continues to be supported by private initiative. We really need support in infrastructure, training, competition, training, but above all we need the federation to have a much better management of the National Team ”and at the same time he added that the union is strength, so he considers it important that they limit themselves. rough edges with the Conade (National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports) and work together towards the start of the next Olympic cycle.

He said that a better organization is needed, “better planning, better use of the resource and really looking out for the athlete. In this Olympic cycle there were situations of physical and psychological abuse and the federation turned its face to the other side and among them I include myself. They were an important part of us having only one female artistic gymnastics competitor. “

Lastly, Elsa texted Alexa: “I really enjoyed watching you compete. It was an honor for me to be able to narrate your competence as an analyst ”and he commented that he thanks him for his work, professionalism, dedication and the passion that he transmitted to everyone during the 10 seconds that his two jumps lasted, although he recalled that“ we know that he has been working for years this Olympic final ”.

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