Kevin Cordón recounts the days of training in the church hall, prior to the Olympic Games

Kevin Cordón recounts the days of training in the church hall, prior to the Olympic Games

The Guatemalan badminton player remembers from Tokyo the experience he lived in his town of La Unión, Zacapa, to qualify for the Olympic Games

TOKYO, JAPAN – When the goal is clear and you want to achieve, nothing is impossible. The Guatemalan badminton player Kevin Cordon is a clear example of this, since last year at the time of the pandemic, he did not sit idly by and looked for the alternative to continue with his training in search of the Olympic qualification.

He did not lose faith, he managed and adapted the Parish hall of La Unión, Zacapa, in eastern Guatemala, to resume his training routine and not lose a beat in search of his Olympic qualification to Tokyo.

A year after that difficult time, the reward has come by ranking among the top four badminton players in the Olympic Games and is one victory away from securing the historic bronze medal for the country.

“That decision was made due to pandemic issues. In mid-March, due to the measures that the Government of Guatemala took to prevent contagion, the country was closed and I had to return to my town La Unión, Zacapa. PI cooked the first weeks at home doing as much exercise as I could to support myself, but in June, many countries returned to training and I couldn’t stay behind”He recalled Kevin Cordon in attention to the press at Musashino Forest Plaza.

Due to the very postponement of the Olympic Games and no definite dates for qualifying events, Kevin Cordon He did not want to lose time or rhythm to arrive in optimal conditions to the fight for the ticket, so he started his project in Zacapa.

“In June, I had the idea that in the back of my house, there was the hall of the Catholic church. I went to speak to the priest and he said there was no problem. Then I went to ask permission with the mayor so that there were no problems due to the restrictions that existed in the country and finally I spoke with the police so that they were aware of the movements and the curfew so that they would give us permission to finish training and go home ”.

I went to speak with the federation, we were setting up the field in that small room. We covered the air inlets with nylon, we put some lights and so we trained. Thank God they gave me the opportunity to train in my town so as not to lose my rhythm and that was how that beautiful experience came about. Even my coach who came from Indonesia, came to my town, lived there and shared with my family, ”added Cordón.

Throughout his sports career, Kevin Cordon He has counted on the support of the Indonesian coach Muamar Qadafi and José María Solís, who adapted the work plan and were in constant supervision so as not to lose the objective of qualifying for the Olympic Games.

“My coaches Qadafi and José María Solís went there. There were also two friends who previously played badminton and took turns training. My brother used to play badminton for fun and he helped me too. In the end, whoever came to the room was welcome and they helped me keep up as best as possible at the time. It was nice to return to my village to train badminton after 22 years”Concluded Kevin Cordón.

The bronze medal match against Anthony Gintig of Indonesia is scheduled for this Monday, August 2 at 5:00 AM (Guatemala time).

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