Poor offense and questionable leadership decisions cost the Dominican Republic games

Poor offense and questionable leadership decisions cost the Dominican Republic games

The Dominican Republic once again let a game escape in which its offensive was absent and in which the decisions made by the leadership body caused more doubts than answers

In the middle of two defeats in which the Dominican relay could not contain Japan nor to South Korea, the fact that the Caribbean team has not been able to hit for Tokyo 2020. Certainly, the two Dominican defeats in the Olympic competition are the responsibility (in part) of the closers. Jairo Asencio Y Luis Felipe Castillo, but it is no less true that the Dominican team is nothing like what was seen during the pre-Olympic stage.

The main difference that the Dominican team has shown is their inability to sustain offense. During the match against South Korea the Caribbeans had eight chances to hit with runners in scoring position and failed to hit a single hit. Today’s lineup has a collective batting average of .202 with three batters looking for their first hit.

The team’s on-base percentage (OBP) is just .274, while the collective slugging (SLG) is .273. The only two honorable exceptions as team hitters are Juan Francisco Y Erick Mejia.

Certainly the absence of a bat as dynamic as that of Diego goris (suspended for the use of cannabis) has done significant damage to the Dominican line-up, but that is where leadership decisions come in.

In the absence of Goris, the leadership of the Dominican team has created an alignment with the talent it has, however, there has been little movement in it. It is incomprehensible that the first batter has a batting average of .091 with an OPS of .312 and remains in that position within the lineup. Likewise, three no-hitters have played in three games thus far, which powerfully draws attention and raises the question of why the bench has not been decided to go.

If we add to this the passivity with which the manager and coaches have behaved in the midst of the failures of their closers, where despite allowing a draw, not even the pitching coach comes out to talk with the pitcher, it is impossible not to wonder about the work that the group is doing in that department.

Likewise, the decision to pitch to the hottest hitter of the game against South Korea with the winning run at third base and two outs. It is difficult to process the fact that since the “cave“Dominican did not choose to face a batter who had done less damage throughout the game than K. Hyun-soo, who had three hits in four at-bats before stopping to bat in the ninth inning.

At other times, leaving a pitcher for longer than he should, facing hitters who perhaps should not have seen as was the case with Christopher Mercedes in the first game, they particularly attract attention.

In simple terms, the Dominican team that is playing in Tokyo 2020 It has not been the shadow that it was during the pre-Olympic process, neither at the offensive level nor at the leadership level. It remains to be seen if during the playoffs the Caribbeans will be able to shake off what is happening, but they no longer have room to fail.

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