River Plate vs. Hurricane – Match Report – August 1, 2021

River Plate vs.  Hurricane - Match Report - August 1, 2021

(ESPN.com) – River tied 1 to 1 with Huracán at the Monumental, for the fourth date of the Professional Soccer League.

The goals of the match were converted by Nicolás Silva at 14 in the second half, while five from the end Braian Romero, who scored four goals in six games played since he arrived at the club, put the equality.

In this way the Millionaire cut the streak of three victories in a row that he maintained by also adding Copa Libertadores.

It should be remembered that after defeating Argentinos 2-0 for the continental competition, River defeated Unión 4-0 and Lanús 3-0. If he won this Sunday, he would have been the only leader with 9 points, waiting for other results.

Marcelo Gallardo put a team with many substitutes thinking about Wednesday’s clash for the Argentine Cup against Boca, a knockout match for the second round.

Casco, Enzo Fernández, Girotti, Julián Alvarez and Rolheiser started. Anyway, the DT included Armani, Montiel, Paulo Díaz (was injured), Zuculini and Carrascal.

And in addition, with 0-1 on the scoreboard, he did bet on Angileri, De la Cruz, Paradela and Romero to try to reverse history.

River was more than Hurricane in terms of the search for the rival goal and situations, although it was difficult for him to generate football to reach Marcos Díaz in danger. But he dominated the game and had possession of the ball, always respecting the idea of ​​DT.

One of the clearest of the first half was through a corner kick that is almost an Olympic goal by Julián Alvárez. Marcos Díaz was one of the figures, since every time he had to intervene, he did so safely.

In the complement, it was surprisingly Hurricane who opened the scoring. A quick counter at sheer speed found Triverio giving a great first pass to the entrance of Silva, who had started the play, and the forward put the initial 1 to 0.

Gallardo moved the bank and with the income of Angileri, Romero, De la Cruz and Paradela he cornered the Globe, which at 35 of the complement was left with one less man due to a just expulsion of César Ibáñez, who entered very hard on Paradela.

At 40, a great pass from Paradela to Angileri ended with a center right in front of Romero, who scored the 1 to 1. Yes, the play was set up by three of those entered.

From that moment it was all up to River, who with one more man sought victory and was close to achieving it, but lacked precision in the final meters.

Beyond the tie, the local was left with the same feeling as always: the team, even with many substitutes, knows what they are playing. Now he must focus on Boca and on reaching the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup.

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