Víctor Liz talks about his experience in Puerto Rico, Chris Duarte and future with the Dominican team

Víctor Liz talks about his experience in Puerto Rico, Chris Duarte and future with the Dominican team

SAN JUAN, PR – Dominican guard Víctor Liz spoke about his pleasant professional experience in Puerto Rico, the future of his compatriot Chris Duarte in the NBA and whether or not he will retire from his country’s national team.

Liz, who helped her Ponce lions to beat on Saturday 91-89 at Santurce Crabbers In a dramatic duel that culminated in overtime, he assured that playing on the island has served as a ‘springboard’ to later make the leap to other international competitions.

“Puerto Rico in recent years has become an essential part of my career. The work I do with the Lions has helped me maintain the level,” he said in an aside with ESPN Sports.

Liz, 34, is playing in her seventh season in the Puerto Rican Basketball League (BSN), of which five of them have been with Ponce, the second highest winner of the competition with 14 titles along with the Athletics of San Germán.

“It has been important to enter here. It is a league with a lot of level, respect and trajectory. It is very influential to go out and play in other leagues,” said the guard, who scored 30 points and captured 10 rebounds in his team’s victory against Some Cangrejeros did not have JJ Barea due to injury.

The Lions rank third in BSN Division A with a 4-4 record. They have won their last two games on the road. “We have been improving little by little. We will continue in the march. The season is now beginning,” he added.


On the other hand, Liz also opened up about her compatriot Chris Duarte, who was chosen in the thirteenth round of the NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers.

“He’s my friend. He grew up watching me play,” he explained. “A few days ago we were talking and I knew that he would be among the first 20 of the draw. Thank God they chose him. He is a very talented worker and he will know how to take advantage of it,” he said.

Liz predicted that Duarte, a product of Oregon in the NCAA, will do well in the NBA, particularly because of his mental toughness and physical attributes.

“If he comes in with the mentality he has, he will do a good job. He fell into a team that can play. He is a long-distance shooter, who puts the ball on the ground. He is young with a good physique to hold positions two and three of the league. He will have a good experience, “he added.


Meanwhile, Liz, who recently participated in the Dominican team in the FIBA ​​Olympic playoffs, revealed that she is considering whether or not to withdraw from the national team.

“Everything is by stage,” he said. “I wanted to finish this (stage) with the national team qualifying for Tokyo. But, it is within the plans. I have not made a decision yet,” he said.

Liz and Dominicana lost in the semifinals of the Olympic play-off-in Serbia-against Italy.

“I have already communicated to them … And they do not agree. They want me to continue with the group. There is still a long way to go. There is a window in November. But I want to give the opportunity to young people who are rising and we have to define a new leader and captain “, he sentenced.

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