Workshops (Córdoba) vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – August 1, 2021

Workshops (Córdoba) vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - August 1, 2021

( – Boca could not cut the streak: in Córdoba they drew 0-0 against Talleres and still did not win for the Professional League, played four dates.

Thus, Xeneize adds 3 points, product of the draws against Unión, Banfield and T, and the defeat against San Lorenzo.

Those of Miguel Angel Russo do not have a good time: they won one of the last 12 games; the last victory was against The Strongest for the Libertadores group series on May 26.

The truth is that Boca already has his head set on Wednesday’s clash for the Argentine Cup, where in the round of 16 he will face River in a heads-up.

Boca, as has been happening, continues to find it difficult to generate goal situations. And score. He could not, it is true, partly because of the VAR, to score in the series against Mineiro. And for the League he only converted to Union on the first date.

This time, there was the debut of Juan Ramírez who in the week arrived from San Lorenzo and Russo already sent him to the field.

The midfielder left a good image in the midfield and can give Boca the surprise and the speed he needs from the middle forward, but without an area nine it seems difficult for the team to finish the plays.

Once again, Xeneize suffered that absence again, since Briasco showed his best on the outside, where he feels comfortable, and not receiving from behind or as a forward center.

Talleres got the game off to a better start and from the start he made Rossi shine with a center from Martino that Auzqui connected for the goal, but the goalkeeper below already pure reflex covered what was 1 to 0.

A while later Valoyes had his chance, but his shot from inside the area was barely deflected. Later the Colombian himself in a run at pure speed shot at the goal but found Rossi well stopped. And then Santos after a good wall on the edge of the area finished weak and at the hands of Rossi.

Boca in the first half approached by drops with danger, only with a deflected shot from Pavón. In the complement he continued without generating football and feeling the absence of a player who defines in the area, but he had two clear chances.

One, after a center by Pulpo González that went to the goal in a surprise way and hit the crossbar of Herrera. And another, at the feet of the debutant Ramírez, who stole very well at the start and only against the goalkeeper did not dare to finish: he passed the ball to Pavón, who arrived marked and could not finish.

Valoyes, the most dangerous, put Boca’s defense on alert, and with a little popcorn he almost scored before the goalkeeper’s gaze.

In the end it seemed that neither of them wanted to risk and the point ended up being good, although the T was the one that came closest to the rival goal.

For Boca there is concern about the lack of operation. Russo does not find the team, without a doubt, beyond the renewal and the name changes.

As positive data was the presence of the debutant Ramírez, the good performance of the kid Molinas in the midfield, the security of Rossi, the firmness of the central duo, the desire of Weingandt …

But they are all individual bets: the team does not appear. It must be remembered that Sebastián Villa was not part of the initial 11 or the concentrates, because he decided not to appear to train until he was transferred. In addition, Cardona and Fabra continue to work differently.

With three points out of 12 at stake (it must be remembered that the last two matches had been played with the Reserve) the tournament is starting to go uphill for Xeneize. And without Libertadores, it remains to be seen what happens on Wednesday in another defining match against River.

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