Alexa Moreno, a true Aztec warrior

Alexa Moreno, a true Aztec warrior

All the effort was worth it, now Alexa Moreno achieved a historic fourth place in the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games They always leave us stories to remember, from medals, broken records or those athletes who reach the goal leaving their last breath to fulfill their dream. But if something has characterized Tokyo 2020 it is the resilience of each of the members that have made it possible for the summer fair to take place.

After a year and a half of pandemic, the games had to be delayed and the uncertainty until a few months ago whether they would take place or not, today fortunately the talk goes beyond what was experienced, the talk is inside the stadiums , and what each of the athletes are giving in their competitions. But a story that should be noted, it does not matter if you are not Mexican or if you do not like gymnastics, it is that of Alexa moreno, the one born in Mexicali who has just obtained fourth place in horse jumping. But why is the history of the Mexican so special? Why is being in fourth place something of such admiration? Here I tell you.

Most people met Alexa not for what they should, many will recall that in the Olympic Games In Rio 2016, the gymnast was a victim of cyberbullying due to her physical appearance and despite being in position number twelve in the fair, the great performance she had in a sport with little support in Mexico was not recognized. From there, Alexa had two options, let herself be carried away by the criticism or leave the lived experience behind and continue with her head held high, and the Mexican made the most difficult decision, to silence her detractors and demonstrate why she is one of the best athletes in the country.

Hence the career of Alexa moreno grew like foam. In 2018 she obtained a bronze medal at the World Artistic Gymnastics World Cup held in Doha, only behind the Canadian Shallon Olsen and the great favorite, Simone Biles, a historical fact as she was the first Mexican woman to get a medal in such a competition. . A year later, Alexa was recognized with the National Sports Award, and finished in third place in the world ranking in the qualifiers of the Gymnastics Federation held in Baku, and when she was ready to make her last presentation in the summer fair, the pandemic.

Postponement of Tokyo 2020 it was not going to be an impediment to a Alexa moreno who is characterized by giving his best in everything he does, not only in sports, the same happens in other aspects of his life. The architecture student is in the penultimate semester of her degree, she is missing two subjects to graduate, something not easy if you take into account that the only time she has to be able to deliver the assignments is during the free spaces she has from her training , which are few. A normal day for Alexa, she would start very early in the morning to go three and a half hours to train, from there she would go to rehab, eat, do homework at the university and then return to training from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm , and close the day again in physical therapy, like this from Monday to Saturday.

However, this routine was affected for different reasons. First, his coach Alfredo Hueto and part of his sports team had COVID-19, a month later it is Alexa herself who was infected, fortunately everything went well and it was summarized in a couple of days of strong flu. As soon as she recovered, she returned to work, but in one of the training sessions she injured her shoulder, and at that moment both she and her team knew that it was an injury that would need surgery, but the priority of reaching the Olympic Games Tokyo was older, and that’s why Alexa decides to delay the surgery.

Willing to continue with her preparation in the best possible way, Moreno goes to train in Hermosillo, Sonora, with the trainer Mary Carmen Valenzuela, one of the fundamental pieces for her final preparation, however, shortly after arriving she falls ill with typhoid and last but not least a new injury, this time on the foot.

The last 7 months were not easy for Alexa, there was a moment when the gymnast had to deal with shoulder injuries, foot injuries, the aftermath of diseases and school, all at the same time, however, in no At the moment he wanted to have some kind of consideration and if he had any complications he would find a way to get ahead. Another clear example was the fact that he did not have the necessary equipment for his training sessions and that he paid for them with what he earned when he was awarded the national prize for sport.

All that effort was worth it, now Alexa moreno achieved a historic fourth place in Olympic Games in horse jumping, only 17 hundredths below South Korea’s Seojeong Yeo. Many of us did not know everything that Alexa had to go through before Tokyo, we only knew that the gymnast arrived at the summer joust very hungry for a medal. But now that we know its history, it is incredible to think about everything that was behind that fourth place. Starting with the hours of rehabilitation with her physiotherapist, Daniela Cueva, a great team of coaches, friends, family, representatives and sponsors who knew and accompanied the Mexican at all times, so that today she is one of the greatest athletes in history of our country.

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