Ecuador celebrates the new medal in Tokyo of a woman

Ecuador celebrates the new medal in Tokyo of a woman

Ecuador congratulated itself on the new Olympic medal achieved by a woman, in this case the weightlifter Tamara Salazar, a member of a weightlifting team that has also won the gold medal and a diploma.

“Until yesterday Ecuador had no female Olympic medalists. Today we have two!”, says a message by networks of the Ministry of Sports, in which he highlights their role in national achievements with the slogan of: “Women making history for Ecuadorian sports!”

Tamara Salazar won the silver medal this Monday with a snatch of 113 kg and clean and jerk of 150 kg, for a total of 263 kg, and confirmed that Tokyo 2020 are the best Olympic Games of Ecuadorian sport, accumulating 3 medals in these games and 5 in the historical total.

Salazar became the 2nd Ecuadorian to win an Olympic medal. Sunday morning Neisi Dajomes achieved gold in Tokyo and gave the country the fourth medal in its history. And the previous Tuesday an Olympic diploma with the sixth place from his sister, Angie Palacios Dajomes.

The women’s weightlifting team was the great promise in these games in Ecuador, arriving with just two Olympic medals won in 1996 and 2008 by marcher Jefferson Pérez.

Two historical medals to which the gold medal of the cyclist Richard Carapaz has also been added in Tokyo.

“GREAT TAMARA !!!” was the message with which the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee, which has been in the focus of controversy due to successive complaints from some athletes about an alleged lack of support, crowned by networks the new achievement of one of its athletes.

And he highlights that Salazar “made history, by debuting in his first Olympic Games with the silver medal.”

With cycling and weightlifting established as the most cutting-edge sports in recent years, Ecuador now hopes that the march will once again give it a new joy and that the spirit of Jefferson Pérez inspires athletes like Glenda Morejón, Karla Jaramillo or Andrés Chocho.

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