José María Solís: perseverance and not making excuses stand out over Kevin Cordón

José María Solís: perseverance and not making excuses stand out over Kevin Cordón

The Guatemalan athlete was among the best four badminton players of the Tokyo Olympics

GUATEMALA CITY – Exceeding the expectations of his previous performances, the Zacapaneco Kevin Haroldo Cordón Buezo, was ranked as the fourth best badminton player of the Tokyo Olympics, coming to fight the bronze medal against the Indonesian Anthony Ginting, where they fell by a score of 2-0 with partials of 21-11 and 21-13 at the Musashino Forest Plaza court.

In an interview with ESPN Digital, Coach Jose Maria Solis referred to the presentation of Kevin Cordon in the Olympic event at 34 years of age as the only Latin American to fight a medal.

“I am pleased as Kevin’s coach because I have always been watching alongside him to achieve his goals little by little. On this occasion, he surprised us all because he really showed a very high level. Unfortunately here in Guatemala we do not have much sparring and in the end that can be a factor that slows down the development of an athleteSolís said.

Placing in the 59 ranking of the World Badminton Federation with 454 victories in his career, Kevin Cordon It completed its fourth participation in the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020), reaching a historic presentation for Latin America.

Kevin didn’t make any excuses. They worked with all the impetus, concentrated and looking for the objective. Today we can say that there is the result with a fourth historic place for badminton in Guatemala and Latin America. In London we managed to advance to the 16 bracket. The forecast for Tokyo 2020 was that he would reach the round of 16, winning his group and completely surpassing the forecast we had, “added José María Solís.

During your preparation for the Olympic joust, Kevin Cordon also had the support of Muamar Qadafi, Indonesian coach who accompanied him in the trainings held in the parish hall of La Unión, Zacapa, during the pandemic.

“Fortunately we had the help of coach Muamar Qadafi from Indonesia who was working with us. With him it was planned based on strengthening Kevin’s qualities in attack because he is a very explosive player, but other aspects had to be improved with patience and dedication that finally paid off. Kevin came to the Olympics as a more complete player because he managed to combine many of those factors to apply them to tactics. “

Finally, Jose Maria Solis He referred to the mindset that he maintained Kevin Cordon to enjoy each game, without being pressured by the rival to face. “No athlete goes to an event with the intention of failing, professional athletes go to win and that depends on other factors. In Kevin’s case, he enjoyed every game, let loose and played without worry and fear of failure. That was key to obtaining these results”.

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