Kindness abounds at extraordinary Olympics

Kindness abounds at extraordinary Olympics

The most competitive athletes on the planet have been captured showing their kindness and affection: celebrating, encouraging and wiping the tears of disappointment from others

TOKYO – A surfer who steps in to translate the words of the rival who just beat him. High jump friends who agree to share a gold medal instead of playing a tiebreaker. Two runners who stumble and help each other cross the finish line.

In some Olympic Games extraordinary events in which mental health has captured the spotlight, acts of kindness can be found everywhere. The most competitive athletes on the planet have been captured showing their kindness and affection: celebrating, encouraging and wiping the tears of disappointment from others.

The Japanese surfer Kanoa Igarashi he was disappointed to fall to the Brazilian Ítalo Ferreira in the debut of his discipline in the Olympic program.

Not only did he squander his chance to win gold on the beach where he grew up surfing, but he was also the target of ridicule from Brazilian trolls on social media.

He could have kept quiet, but he used his knowledge of Portuguese to help translate a question at the press conference of Ferreira.

The assistants could not believe the translation of the rival and a manager thanked the silver medalist for his help.

“Yes, thanks Kanoa“Said a smiling Ferreira.

Days later, in the Olympic Stadium, the Italian Gianmarco Tamberi and the qatari Mutaz Barshim they found themselves in a situation they had talked about but had never experienced: they were tied.

They both had a perfect contest until the bar was set at an Olympic-record height, 2.39 meters (7 feet 10 inches). The two failed their three attempts.

They could have gone to the tiebreaker, but they decided to share the gold.

“I am sure that, for my performance, I deserved the gold. He did the same, so I know he deserved it too, ”she said. Barshim. “This goes beyond sports. This is a message for the new generations ”.

After his decision, Tamberi shook hands with Barshim and jumped into his arms.

“Sharing with a friend is even more beautiful,” he said. Tamberi. “It was something magical.”

Minutes before, on that same track, the American Isaiah Jewett Y Nijel amos, of Botswana, they tripped over each other and fell during the semi-finals of the 800 meters. Instead of getting upset, they helped each other up, put their arms over each other, and ended up together.

Many of the best athletes meet personally during competitions, which can be lonely, long and intense, punctuated by sporting moments that may be the best or the worst of their lives.

Those sensations have been amplified in a few Olympic Games postponed by the pandemic, where there is an unmistakable longing for normalcy and, perhaps, a renewed appreciation for familiar faces.

For the American Carissa moore, the pandemic and its restrictions, brought her closer to other surfers.

The reigning world champion says she usually travels to competitions with her husband and father. But with no fans at the Olympic venues this year, Moore He admitted that he went through trouble without his presence in the early days of the joust.

Moore flew to Japan with the American delegation 10 days before the first test, and soon got used to sharing a roof with other surfers, including Caroline marks, whom he considered the rival to beat.

Moore said he did not know well Marks before Tokyo, but on the night she was crowned the winner and Marks she was fourth, her rival was the first to congratulate her.

“Having the surf team of United States It has been a beautiful experience with me to be able to get closer to them ”, he said Moore. “I feel like in the last two weeks I have gained another family.”

After last week’s grueling women’s triathlon in Tokyo, the norway Lotte miller, who finished in 24th place, took a moment to cheer on the Belgian Claire michel, who was lying on the ground and crying inconsolably.

Michel came last, 15 minutes after the winner, Flora Duffy, of Bermuda, but at least it ended. A total of 54 athletes started the test, but 20 were overcome by at least one lap or withdrew.

“You are a damn fighter”, he said Miller to Michel.

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