Painful results prevented Ticos from reaching even higher at the Olympics

Painful results prevented Ticos from reaching even higher at the Olympics

Andrea Vargas, Kenneth Tencio and Leilani McGonagle were one small step away from climbing one more step in their disciplines

Unquestionably, Tokyo 2020 have been one of the Olympic Games in which Costa Rica It has had outstanding participation thanks to the performance of various athletes who gave their all for their country, however, it has also left small sensations of pain due to cruel results that prevented these athletes from reaching even one notch higher than what they achieved.

For the first time in all of history since Costa Rica is present at an Olympic jousts, four athletes manage to finish among the best ten in the world, thanks to what they did Kenneth Tencio when finishing fourth in the BMX Freestyle, Hennessy Breeze finished fifth in the surf while the hurdler Andrea Vargas placeholder image and the judoka Ignacio Sancho they were ninth in their respective disciplines.

However, the whole country was left with great pain to see how some could finish better had it not been for small details that made a difference in the final result of their competitions.

The most notorious case is that of Kenneth Tencio, the Carthaginian rider did not win a bronze medal by a difference of 30 hundredths, the Tico managed to make a great presentation in the final event of the BMX Freestyle, his first outing gave him an 84.20 which gave him the confidence to go out and do better in the second and thus he was getting a 90.50 that put him to momentarily win the bronze behind the British Declan Brooks (90.80) and the Australian Logan Martin (93.30), but the Venezuelan Daniel Dhers completed a great minute that earned him a climb to second place with a 92.05, which brought Tencio down to fourth place.

That small and big difference that he had with Declan Brooks, did not allow the Costa Rican to get on the podium, who still showed all his pride for his great competition.

“In the end there was no medal but see Costa Rica celebrating together, seeing the messages, in large part, my message and my goal has been fulfilled because I wanted to inspire, try to show that dreams can be achieved and that in Costa Rica Despite the fact that it is a small country, there is a lot of potential and to a large extent my mission has been fulfilled ”, he explained. Kenneth Tencio.

Athlete Andrea Vargas placeholder image She experienced a similar situation, the Puriscaleña was one small step away from being able to advance to the final of the 100 meters hurdles, she finished third in her heat with a time of 12.69 and had strong chances of reaching the final being one of the two best qualifying times.

In the second heat of the semifinal no one could beat the Tica so this possibility gained strength, however, in the third heat there were two athletes who improved Vargas’s mark, such as the Dutch Nadine Visser with 12.63 and the American Gabrielle Cunningham that he obtained 12.67, that is, times 0.02 hundredths, Andrea Vargas placeholder image He could not enter the final, which would also have earned him an Olympic diploma.

“I am happy with the result and with the brand because they worked quite hard this year and we were able to achieve a very good result in the Olympics, they are my first Olympic Games and they are left with experience for the next ones ”, he affirmed Andrea Vargas placeholder image.

The other case that had the Ticos on the edge of the seat was that of the surfer Leilani McGonagle, which was one step away from entering round three, the tica needed to finish among the first three of the heat and for a long time it was keeping it with a score of 9.63 but the Japanese Mahina Maeda ended up obtaining the same score and by criterion of In the tiebreaker, the judges ended up giving the Asian the third place, leaving out Leilani.

“Losing in the last seconds to a draw is one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. I keep putting the pieces of me together and sticking them back together. I just wanted to infinitely thank you all for your support in this great experience. There is no greater pride than to represent my flag in the largest sports arena. Sorry for not being able to bring you more. I will continue working to do better next time, “he said. Leilani McGonagle on their social networks.

Of the 12 Costa Ricans who got their ticket to the Olympic Games, there is only one left to compete, it is the marchista Noelia vargas which will be active on August 6.

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