Salazar was inspired by Escobar and Dajomes to achieve his Olympic dream

Salazar was inspired by Escobar and Dajomes to achieve his Olympic dream

The Ecuadorian weightlifter Tamara Salazar highlighted the inspiration and dreams that her compatriots Alexandra Escobar and Neisi Dajomes produced in the previous Rio 2016 Games, the engine of an illusion that led her to the podium in Tokyo, where she won the silver medal on Monday .

“Five years ago I saw the experienced Alexandra Escobar compete on television and also Neisi Dajomes, in the Rio Games, who have been my example to follow, and from that moment I dreamed, I made an effort and I succeeded,” he said in an interview published by the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE).

Salazar became the second Ecuadorian woman today, after Neisi Dajomes on Sunday, to win a medal for the Andean country, in her case in the 87 kilogram category.

In her first Olympic Games, the athlete lifted 113 kilograms in snatch and 150 in two times, for a total of 263 kilograms.

“This medal has all the meaning of the work, the effort, the dedication that I have given to this sport, all my life you could say, because I started in this sport from a very young age. That weighs and means this medal for all these years” added the athlete born in Carchi, the same Andean province where the cyclist Richard Carapaz was born, who was the first Ecuadorian in these games to win the gold medal.

In his statements, Salazar highlighted the union and friendship with Dajomes, whom he considers a sister, since they have been preparing and competing together since the age of 11 at the local level and, later, in international tournaments.

Salazar’s sporting explosion occurred at the 2019 World Championships in Thailand, where he won the bronze medal, which he ratified with another of the same color at the Pan American Games that same year in Lima, Peru.

“When I saw Neisi lift her Olympic medal yesterday (Sunday), it motivated me so much that I came today to do my thing,” said the 24-year-old weightlifter, whose strength lies in the clean and jerk.

The athlete said that her path to the podium was not rosy as she had to train with a knee injury, back pain and shoulder pain, but the Olympic dream made her persist until she overcame all obstacles.

Until the Tokyo games, in which it has so far won two gold and one silver medals, Ecuador only had the medals of marcher Jefferson Pérez in 1996 (gold) and 2008 (silver).

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