13 years after the fight, the Russian speaks who brutally knocked out Deontay Wilder in the amateur

A 13 años de la pelea, habla el ruso que noqueó brutalmente a Deontay Wilder en el amateur

Evgeny romanov, the Russian boxer who knocked out Deontay Wilder when they were amateurs in a duel to prepare for the Beijing Olympics In 2008, he talked about that fight that took place thirteen years ago.

“It was a long time ago. Honestly, I don’t think about it much, ”he said. Romanov in interview for RT. “Wilder it was different then than it is now. I was different too ”.

Romanov pointed out that today things are different from that fight that took place on February 29, 2008, since Deontay he is a recognized fighter.

“Today is a different time, Wilder it’s at the top and I’m on my way there, ”he said. “Back then it was maybe the other way around, so I don’t want to remember or think about it,” he added to RT.

Evgeny spoke about some issues that he saw at that time in boxing from Wilder, some that may be key for your opponent Tyson Fury.

“I’m not sure about the weak points, but I know his legs are weak,” he argued. “I know that Wilder He is not steady on his feet, you can see that when you see him on TV. “

“As for where to hit, I don’t know. You have to be attentive to that when you enter the ring with him, ”he said.

The former member of the Russian boxing team who faced the American in Novosibirsk, Russia, thirteen years ago, he claimed not to be envious of Tyson fury for being the boxer who has beaten Wilder in professionalism.

“Honestly, I never envy,” he added. “Anything can happen, anyone can fall, so I never envy anyone. I myself am a boxer and I know exactly what it is, “he said.

Evgeny Romanov, the unknown Russian who brutally knocked out Deontay Wilder

Romanov’s brutal knockout of Wilder in 2008

The fight between Wilder Y Romanov It occurred on February 29, 2008. Deontay Wilder traveled together with the American Olympic boxing team to Novosibirsk, Russia, to face the Russian team. Both teams were preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Already Wilder he had to fight against Romanov, one of the best Russian heavyweights of the moment, and who had won silver in the 2008 Russian national championships, and the following year he would take gold.

Romanov beat and knocked out Wilder. The American looked hurt, with everything and a mask.

He recovered to travel to Beijing and win the bronze medal. In Beijing, Wilder fell in the semifinals against the Italian Clemente Russo, and could not agree to the fight for the gold.

Romanov and his career after beating Deontay Wilder

Evgeny romanov he turned pro in 2016. He marches with an unbeaten record of 14-0 and 10 knockouts, although he has never fought outside of Russia.

Just in 2019, Romanov started doing 10 round fights, while his opponent whom he knocked out that day, Deontay Wilder, is at the top of the heavyweights.

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